Case study

Integrating Macs on a PC Network
at Moat Farm School

Moat Farm School wanted a number of Macs that would be used throughout their school. Two suites of MacBooks would be set up for teaching creative classes, using applications like iMovie and GarageBand. These MacBooks needed to be portable and connected over a wireless network, at both the lower and upper schools.

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What did they need?
A number of Macs would need to be introduced into the ICT suite for use with standard applications, such as MS Office. They needed to be capable of ‘dual-booting’ into Windows or macOS, so that staff and students could have the best of both worlds. Moat Farm also wanted several MacBooks to be available specifically for teachers, again using a dual-boot system. Members of staff had to be able to access the entire portfolio of applications used by the school, so we made this a priority.

Underlying all of these requirements was the necessity for the new Macs to work well with the existing PC network, and meet the school’s guidelines for computer security.

How did we help?
The Jigsaw24 team started by providing an Apple Xserve server with RAID storage, which was fully configured, installed and integrated into the school’s network. We created and deployed four different computer images onto the Macs, which were all integrated into the Windows Active Directory network management software.

To complete the project, our experts locked down the computers using the Apple server and supplied Moat Farm with all the peripherals they needed, from camcorders to iPods.

What were the benefits?
By the time our team had finished working with Moat Farm School, every requirement had been met. Students and staff are now able to individually login and access the school network and the Internet, regardless of whether they are using a Mac or PC. All of the Macs have since been configured for printing and portable home folders have been set up to automatically save students’ work when they log off. As well as receiving training from our experts, the staff at Moat Farm have the advantage of our ongoing support if they need any advice in the future. es, and can access them via a user-friendly, cross-platform GUI.

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Mac rollout

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Moat Farm School is an infant school in the west midlands that provides children between the ages of 3 and 7 that takes a holistic approach to teaching and learning.