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  • Warranties and managed repairs

    What is it?

    With our managed repair service, you can skip the queues in the high street and cut out the hassle of booking in repairs by having us collect your faulty computers in bulk at regular intervals. We provide extended warranties for desktops, notebooks and iOS devices that cover most common disaster scenarios and offer a high level of cover – we can even provide loan machines while your original device is in for repairs.

    Why does it help?

    As well as the convenience of having your machines collected and returned according to schedule, our managed repairs service allows you to tailor your repairs provision to your business needs, offering you the chance to spread your repair costs with manageable monthly payments and simplifying admin for your in-house team, as they can sidestep the hassle of booking in each machine as a separate repair.

    What can we do?

    • Step 1 You gather up any faulty devices over the course of a day, week, fortnight or month – whatever suits you.
    • Step 2 We contact you to book the repair batch onto our system, and then arrange transportation.
    • Step 3 We turn around the repairs in an average time of 3-5 working days.
    • Step 4 Your fixed Macs are returned, and any newly faulty ones collected.
    • Step 5 You’re invoiced monthly for any repairs that have been carried out.
    We can also provide warranties for desktops, notebooks and iOS devices.

    What are the benefits?

    • Convenient collection and return of all your faulty units.
    • Batch repairs meaning there’s minimal admin per month, no matter how many machines need work.
    • Monthly invoicing to spread the cost of repairs over the year.
    • No lengthy waits for diagnosis on each machine.
    • Dedicated point of contact and direct access to our engineers.
    • Extended warranties providing extra cover for all your Apple kit.

    iMac in repair

    “The Jigsaw24 team have been a great and reliable help. Already the impact of the Apple hardware has made a positive impression on the business, promoting our professional approach with high performance kit.”

    Mark Couch, CAD Development Manager, S&W Design.

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    • Managed repairs
    • Jigsaw24 warranty for Mac for business
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