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Streaming company Jackshoot wanted a mobile multi-camera setup that could be housed in their OB van, but also flightcased for transport to locations where their van couldn’t go. Having worked with Jigsaw24 for a number of years, they got in touch with our broadcast team to see if we could help

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Jackshoot's OB setup means that they can shoot and stream from anywhere, so Jigsaw24 took them to the pub to find out more...

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Jackshoot’s wide-ranging client base and determination to remain at the cutting edge of production means that they’re constantly changing their setup. Over the years, Jigsaw has helped them find converters, encoders, switchers, mics, cameras and more. This time, the company were looking to develop their streaming setup into something closer to a traditional broadcast one, complete with multi-camera capabilities.

As Jackshoot’s Operations Director Ken Coppel explained, the speed of turnaround their clients demanded meant that Jackshoot “took the conscious decision to stick with a digital workflow - Sony XDCAM cameras, a Ki Pro for recording into Apple ProRes.” We also set the team up with a Panasonic AW-HS50 switcher and a Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub to enable simple, reliable patching of whatever configuration of equipment the Jackshoot team needed on the day.

Keeping pace with clients
While Jackshoot’s extensive industry experience means they often know what they need to get a job done, sourcing the kit in time to cater to demanding clients is another challenge altogether. “We get brilliant customer service from Jigsaw24,” said Ken. “We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients - we only ever know days in advance what we’ll be doing, and even if Jigsaw24 doesn’t have the stock, they will help us to get a product for tomorrow because that’s when we need it. Typically we get equipment in one day, we test it, and we’re out on a job day three - that’s our turnaround.” “In a busy market of webcasters, we have differentiated ourselves by bringing reliability and experience to online broadcast,” said Director Simon Haywood. “Having been in the production space for over 12 years now, one of the longest-running issues we’ve found is the speed of the technology change, and staying current while remaining profitable. Being able to research products online or speak to the Jigsaw24 Media and Entertainment team and ask for help is invaluable to a business like ours.”

Making the move to Fibre Channel
Jackshoot continue to take on new challenges. As Ken explains, “A newer area for us is to use the 10Mbps connection on the OB van to take live footage that’s coming in and flip it around so that it can be sent straight off to post houses in London for a TV edit. Our setup is constantly evolving to meet our clients’ requirements, so this year it’s very likely that we’ll move from co-axial to fibre, the rig will change again to allow us to work with fibre and yes, we’ll be coming back to Jigsaw24 to buy our fibre adaptors and move our rig forward.”

“We get brilliant customer service from Jigsaw24. Typically we get equipment in one day, we test it, and we’re out on a job day three - that’s our turnaround. We have to be able to do that for our clients, and we can’t do that without someone from Jigsaw24 backing us up.”

Ken Coppel, Operations Director, Jackshoot.

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In a busy market of webcasters, Jackshoot's mission is to differentiate themselves by bringing reliability and experience to online broadcast. Their end-to-end digital workflow allows them to capture, stream and broadcast from the field, whatever their clients' requirements.