• Strategy & Discovery sessions

    What is it?

    The ultimate in-depth review of your IT and workflow practices

    Whether you need a deep analysis of your IT infrastructure and mobility, want your business or creative workflow having a look at, could do with some expert advice on a specific business challenge or want to introduce a new strategy or process like app development, our Strategy & Discovery sessions are for you. One of our accredited technical consultants will come to your site for a full day to help assess your current setup and what can be done to improve it. The in-depth session comes complete with written recommendations and a roadmap for maximising your Apple investment.

    COST: £850 for a day’s assessment.

    What does it matter?

    As technology changes, business focus changes, budgets tighten and workloads grow, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. And we understand – our Strategy & Discovery sessions provide a fine analysis of your systems to make sure you’re getting the most out of your IT.

    What you get

    We’ll dig deep into your environment, and work closely with your team to understand your reasons to change. Our sessions can be tailored completely to your specific needs, but the most popular session is our in-depth IT survey. At the end of it all, we'll leave you with a report outlining our no-obligation recommendations for moving forward.

    This covers:

    • The state of your current setup.
    • Your storage capacity.
    • Your mobile device support and policies.
    • The security risks your estate faces.
    • Your current infrastructure and support systems.
    • What can be done to futureproof your estate.
    • Best IT practice moving forward.

    What are the benefits?

    We can ensure your multi-platform, mission-critical systems are keeping pace with your business, and you’re achieving the maximum ROI for the lowest TCO. As a result, we’ll present to you our findings and recommendations which will include clear and achievable pointers for your business to make the right decision when embarking on change, upgrades or migration.

    An office with over 50 devices

    “We see Jigsaw24 as our IT strategy director. They’re very responsive to our needs in terms of designing a system that works for us”

    Dan Wright, COO, NorthEdge Capital.

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