• Jigsaw24 JSS Healthcheck

    Worried you’re not getting the most out of Casper Suite? Has your administrator moved roles and now you’re worried about how to manage it effectively? Taking on new Apple devices and not sure how best to integrate them? Our engineers are here to help.

    Our JAMF Software Server (JSS) healthcheck is a ground up assessment of your current infrastructure, hardware and procedures, which has been designed to help you optimise your existing assets and licences before taking on anymore. Our team work closely with JAMF Software engineers and have been working in Mac and Windows environments for over 20 years, so have an intricate knowledge of the integration, infrastructure and connectivity issues modern businesses face.

    Why do you need a Jigsaw24 JSS healthcheck?

    • Drive effective use of Casper Suite by identifying issues and bottlenecks before they can affect the end user, and finding solutions that utilise your existing IT skillset.
    • Understand new features to maximise your use of and return on your investment.
    • Roadmap implementation to ensure you’re never over or under provisioned, and that your Casper Suite investment isn’t being limited by outdated hardware.
    • Drive toward best practice by better informing support staff and end users.
    • Deliver a uniformed approach to DEP, MDM and managed app distribution across your organisation.

    How does it work?

    Our JAMF healthcheck is a three-day assessment of your current implementation carried out by our resident JSS wizards.

    • Day 1: Deep-dive investigation of your existing infrastructure, inventory, imaging processes, iOS management and app deployment, and patch management.
    • Day 2: Assessment of software distribution, remote capabilities, configuration of profiles and settings, licence management and user management.
    • Day 3: In-depth report and recommendations presented back to key stakeholders.

    What makes our team the best?

    • 20 years’ experience working in mixed platform environments, the highest possible Apple accreditations, and 25,000 satisfied creative and corporate customers.
    • As a JAMF Software integrator, we not only know our way around Casper Suite, but can advise on optimising your entire infrastructure to achieve your business goals.
    • We can advise on implementation with existing Apple programmes, such as DEP and VPP.

    Your optional extras

    Got other IT niggles? We can offer...

    • JAMF Software Casper Suite as a hosted and managed service.
    • A range of managed services, including managed backup.
    • Apple integration.
    • Mobility solutions.
    • App development.
    • Specialist creative workflows.
    • Apple warranties and bespoke support contracts.


    The cost of a Jigsaw24 JSS healthcheck is fixed at £2500 ex VAT regardless of the size of your Casper Suite estate or organisation.

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