• Editing (Post-production)

    Once students have filmed their footage or recorded their audio, they’re then ready for the next stage – editing or ‘post-production’. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for beginners, iMovie does a great job of editing video on iPad and Mac, while Apple’s GarageBand is a simple to use tool for editing audio. But for secondary-level media courses, and beyond to further and higher education, you’ll want to look at more advanced editing solutions. Thankfully our team can help you out with everything from industry-standard software to high-end editing suites…

    The best editing tools – Software

    We can advise on the best software to support your teaching style. Among our favourites, Apple Final Cut Pro X is great for embedding creative skills in the curriculum, Avid Media Composer is ideal for getting your music and media departments working together, and Premiere Pro in Adobe Creative Cloud is our choice for teaching transferable creative skills.

    Powerful hardware to run everything – Editing Suites

    For any editing that requires a bit more grunt than iMovie or GarageBand, we can provide high-spec workstations from the likes of Apple and HP that will happily run industry-standard editing software without grinding to a halt. Get in touch with the team to find out more about workstations and editing suites.

    Career-ready, hands-on mixing skills – Mixing desks

    If you want to make the learning process of mixing audio easier for students, there’s nothing that can beat letting them get hands-on with a mixing desk and physically applying changes to a track (which will also give them career-ready skills). As experts in audio, we can advise on the best option for your budget.

    Store and organise large files – Storage

    When editing large audio and video files, you’ll notice your hard drives soon fill up, and for a dedicated media course, a load of external hard drives just won’t do. Our storage and server experts can talk you through your options for storing, organising and sharing your large, rich media files.

    Experience of industry-standard tools and professional-level workflows helps students impress employers.

    Creating the perfect live room for Blackburn College

    Blackburn's College music and media departments work with clients like MTV, Tate Liverpool and the Saatchi Gallery to record interviews and live sets from upcoming bands. We helped them develop a state of the art digital audio and video setup.

    "The best thing the new system has done is revitalise the staff. It's been good for our entire production team, and it's exciting because the quality of what the students are producing now is phenomenal.”

    Jamie Holman, Level Three Foundation Art and Design Media Programme Leader, Lecturer in Media Production, Blackburn College

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