• Sharing (Management and delivery)

    When your students have spent time producing all that great audio and video content, you’ll want to make sure their efforts don’t go to waste and that your files are stored securely, are easily accessible, and you can share them in the right format. We call this part management and delivery, and it refers to storage, organisation, and how you choose to share your content, whether that’s to the web or to screens around your school. We can kit you out and advise on the best hardware and software to help you manage your files and deliver them across multiple platforms.

    Secure, reliable storage – Storage

    Mobile hard drives may be fine if you’re only occasionally working with audio and video, but once you step up to a secondary-level music or media course, and beyond, you need storage that’s more reliable and secure, and more accessible over your school’s network. Talk to us about high-speed shared storage solutions.

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    Organised, managed files –

    It’s also not ideal to have files saved all over the place, with no way of locating them when you need them. Digital asset management (DAM) solutions give you secure access to all your digital files, and help you easily organise, manage and share them, so you spend less time looking for the assets you need.

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    Simple video sharing – Delivery

    Want to start sharing your students’ fantastic content with peers? Our video delivery solutions aim to make the delivery process as simple for you as possible. Whether it’s live streaming or delivering to displays, digital signage and video walls around your school, our team can help you find the best delivery method to reach any audience, on any device, at any time.

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    Experience of industry-standard tools and professional-level workflows helps students impress employers.

    Shared storage for pro video editing at Bath Spa University

    Bath Spa University were looking for an 11-seat, multi-user video editing suite. They gave Jigsaw24 a call and we helped them find the solution to meet their performance and budgetary requirements, and ensure that they were able to undertake real-world professional projects.

    "The Xsan and Fibre Channel solution Jigsaw24 helped put in place is providing our Broadcast Media students with all the power and space they need to produce high quality results. Particularly impressive is the implementation of distributed processing across the suite – transcoding video is now a quick and easy task, rather than an overnight chore.”

    Ollie Kenchington, Studio Technician, Technical Support and Network Administrator at Bath Spa University

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What can we do?

Get all the kit – Come to us for hardware and software.

However you're trying to bring video and audio into the curriculum, we have a great selection of cameras, audio equipment and more to suit all levels and budgets.

Get all set up – We can help with installation.

we have a team of accredited engineers and project managers whose job it is to set up your IT at a time that suits you. They'll make sure you're up and running with the minimum disruption to your school.

Get up to speed – Come to us for CPD training.

We can provide official Apple and Adobe training for teachers, tech staff and end users, as well as CPD training to help teachers get the most from Mac and iPad in the curriculum.

Get expert advice – Ask about consultancy.

Our team have spent years working within the creative industries, and can design you a bespoke ICT solution based around industry-standard kit. Along with their technical skills, they have a knack for translating IT technician speak for teachers.

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