• Management

    What is it?

    Management covers all aspects of the day to day running of your creative projects and storage solutions. It includes everything from managing your favourite fonts, organising your digital files, backing-up and archiving solutions, hierarchical asset management, and ensuring that your work is securely stored for future use.

    Why does it matter?

    Spending a bit of time setting up and ensuring you have a good management system means staff can be organised and see their day to day workload planned out, access work quickly and easily, and have plenty of space to save all their work – knowing that everything is securely backed up.

    We know how busy creative agencies can be and understand that workflow management might sometimes be squeezed into your list of priorities, which is why we can help you create an efficient workflow with the best management tools available.

    What can we do?

    We can provide you with a range of software solutions and storage options that will enable you to eliminate problems early on, so that your workflow isn’t affected later down the line.

    This covers:

    • Font management and licensing.
    • PDF version checking and proofing solutions.
    • Advice and consultancy on scalable storage solutions including
      DAS, NAS and RAID storage.
    • Digital asset management (DAM) solutions.
    • Consultancy to optimise and upgrade your existing infrastructure.
    • Managed backup.

    What are the benefits?

    Get all the tools you need to smoothly manage and organise your design workflow from one place, and reduce the amount of man hours you’d normally waste searching and reshuffling your digital files, with our range of management solutions. We offer a managed backup service made specifically with creatives in mind, who need secure, offsite protection for digital assets. With this fully managed service you’ll have peace of mind that your work is protected against human error or hardware faults.

    Our partners

    Adobe Extensis

    image of the Jigsaw24 b7 app on an iPad

    “When we moved to a new building a few years ago, Jigsaw24 installed a new server and backup system. They now provide our IT support remotely, accessing any workstation on the network to diagnose and solve any issues, which is great.”

    Greg Jolley, Account Manager, Stocks Taylor Benson.

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