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Connecting staff and students
at Bulwell Academy

Bulwell Academy was formed in 2009 when two local secondary schools were joined as part of the BSF programme. The Academy’s new state-of-the-art building was to be divided into five vertically grouped ‘business community’ areas, and staff wanted to be able to share specific year group information like lunch menus and library updates effectively with students and visitors in each one. They asked us to help them find a solution that would be easy to use by students and staff alike.

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When Bulwell Academy were looking for a digital signage system to share information and notices with students and visitors, thay gave Jigsaw24 a call. This video shows how the installation went...

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Why did they come to us?
Bulwell Academy needed a way to display information, such as in-house announcements and school achievements to visitors, without distributing newsletters. The senior vice principal, Scott Burnside, gave us a call after we were recommended to the Academy by education ICT provider Ramesys.

What did they need?
An efficient, easy-to-use system that would allow staff to share information with specific year groups in five different ‘business communities’ on campus.

How did we help?
We installed a network of ten 52” Samsung 520DX screens. With 1080p full HD and high brightness, these screens would be large enough and bright enough to be seen by students in rooms of any size and lighting level. We then designed custom-made panels that could control each screen individually, giving teachers the option of using them for presentations. Key locks were also added to the panels to prevent students using this function without permission.

What were the benefits?
Staff can create their own content and relay it to students in the different areas quickly and easily, facilitating easier cross-campus communication. They can also use the screens in lessons to meet certain curriculum requirements, and to share news and events in order to build a stronger school community.

“The consultation process was very positive: several meetings took place to allow discussions about the product and to establish our needs... Anthony was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

Scott Burnside, senior vice principal, Bulwell Academy.

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Bulwell Academy signage
Bulwell Academy
Bulwell Academy signage

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Bulwell Academy opened in 2009, and strive to foster links between its students, their local community and potential employers.