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A digital audio workflow
at Beck Studio

After running a purely analogue studio for many years, Dave Smith, Beck Studios' chief engineer, wanted to bring the Wellingborough-based facility fully up to date with a digital audio workstation and control surface, so got in touch with our audio team.

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Beck Studios invited Jigsaw24 to come back and see how they were getting on with their Pro Tools kit. Beck studios kindly gave feedback on moving to a new working system, and the aftercare provided.

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Why did they choose us?
Before the new installation, Dave was using quite an old system, which gave decent results but was a nightmare for editing.

What did they need?
Beck wanted to update their studio to a fully digital workflow, for better audio quality and ease of use, and Dave thought a Pro Tools HD system would be a good choice as it’s the industry standard.

How did we help?
After delivery, the system was fully installed and cabled by Jigsaw24's Rob Holsman. Complementing the Pro Tools HD system, Avid's C24 surface was chosen to provide hands-on control, a large array of analogue inputs and outputs, and to help Dave retain the feel of the studio's analogue heritage.

What were the benefits?
"It's opened me up to a lot of new work. [...] From a commercial point of view, people buy on what they see, and a lot of the technical guys want to see lists and lists of plug-ins and hardware. We've got all that kit now. I can also benefit because I've kept my old kit, and I still use outboards so we can do a mixture of Pro Tools and analogue, so we're kitted up for pretty much any format now," said Dave.

"[Rob] installed it but he didn't just get on with it, he involved me in it so I knew what was going on as well. He was able to tailor the installation to my specific needs, which are quite quirky in this building.”

Dave Smith, Chief Engineer, Beck Studio.

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Beck recording studios in Wellingborough were established in 1969, and since then have counted amongst their clientele such luminaries as Helen Shapiro, Frank Ifield, Joe Brown and Bauhaus.