Case study

High-availability SAN Storage
at Axill Europe

Internet media company Axill Europe required high-availability SAN storage for 30 public-facing web servers at their London data centre. Jigsaw24 helped design and implement a solution that gave Axill the ability to scale to more than a petabyte of data. From the outset, these systems were designed for growth.

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Why did they come to us?
Axill Europe approached Apple for help directly, but when the scope of their project proved too wide to address using only Apple solutions, Apple recommended that Axill get in touch with us.

What did they need?
High-availability SAN storage for 30 public-facing web servers at their London data centre.

How did we help?
Our consultants worked with Axill to ascertain their requirements. Axill needed highly- scalable backend storage, so we began with support for 30 web servers at their London data centre. Their other needs included the initial provision of between 100 and 300 Terabytes of shared storage, full file-level read-write access from each server to all data volumes (accessible from Windows and Linux), fault tolerance and load balancing, and extra options for data replication and mirroring.

What were the benefits?
Axill Europe’s servers are now supported by a fast, Fibre Channel storage setup that’s highly scalable, supports intelligent load balancing and offers a high level of redundancy.

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Who are Axill Europe? Arrow

Axill Europe are a unique fast-growing Internet media company that provide online marketing services and performance for tracking for some of the world’s major consumer brands. With locations in London, Hong Kong and India, Axill Europe have a presence in data centres around the globe. They host a number of their own websites, including – an online community and social networking site for Indian students.