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"For me Pro Tools has the most flexible Automation; the use of VCAs - and Trims make it the quickest system to mix on. I’m also impressed with the new Clip Gain, which makes the process of tracklay and dub quicker."

Ben Hooper, Head of Audio. Prime Focus Broadcast, www.primefocusgroup.com

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Used in the largest recording facilities as well as the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools is probably the most popular sound creation and production system in the world.

Pro Tools 10 is the latest generation of the software, optimised for Windows 7 and Mac OS X, and enables you to record, edit, and mix in higher resolution with 32-bit floating point file format support. Version 10 can mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths within the same session, without converting files and without any file duplication to cause project bloat.

The latest version introduces several new tools and timesaving workflows, such as Clip Gain, which separates pre-mix levels from Pro Tools software’s mixing automation, significantly speeding up and improving the workflow between sound editors and mixers.

In addition, disk handling improvements and real-time fades offer better performance, even on network attached or slow local drives.

You can pair Pro Tools with an Avid or third-party audio interface to record and monitor performances in the classroom. Or create on the go using just the software and a laptop.

Visit www.avid.com/protools for more information

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The benefits of learning
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Avid offers a comprehensive academic curriculum to help students get the most out of Pro Tools. A range of courses build students into proficient operators of Avid audio production systems. The curriculum starts with Pro Tools 101 for complete beginners, which provides everything that’s needed to complete a Pro Tools audio project - from initial set up to final mixdown. The course focuses on Pro Tools 10 and includes all the new functions and enhancements.

Pro Tools 101 aims to supply students with the basic skills required for recording live instruments, MIDI sequencing of software synthesisers, audio editing or region looping.

Continuing the Avid curriculum, students will learn to create and mix voiceovers, ADR, Foley, sound design, music, and other audio for video using sample-accurate tools. Whether recording live takes or MIDI tracks, students will be able to punch record their way to perfection, quantise notes, and fix pitches seamlessly. By learning Pro Tools, students will be better prepared for the real world by learning to compose, record, edit, and mix using the same tools as the audio industry worldwide.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or email AvidEducation@Jigsaw24.com


Why Pro Tools?

- Create sound like a pro - on a student budget

- Create great-sounding mixes with powerful automation

- Stay fresh - students receive four years of free upgrades

- Achieve the highest sound quality possible

- Unleash your creativity - without bottlenecks

- Have every instrument imaginable at your fingertips

- Work the way you want - with an interface, or without

- Create perfect performances, seamlessly

- Cut sound to picture intuitively and with ease

- Get the sound you want with 75+ plug-ins and instruments

Why Jigsaw24?

- We’re specialists in image creation and deployment for Pro Tools in media suites

- Our team can provide training, system maintenance, support and upgrades

- We’ll help you design and install complete recording studios, from mics and monitors to acoustic treatments, cabling and furniture!

- We can implement the latest technologies, such as Thunderbolt for Pro Tools HDX on desktops and laptops

Teachers can now pick up Pro Tools 10 for £182.50 ex VAT a seat (students also get four years’ free upgrades). Schools, colleges and universities can also get a significant discount by choosing Pro Tools Academic.

To find out more about Pro Tools, get in touch on 03332 409 241 or email AvidEducation@Jigsaw24.com

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