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"When thinking about our Newsroom solutions for MediaCityUK, we had to strike the balance between a system that is widely used in industry and a system that is flexible and easily grasped by students. After much research we chose Avid iNEWS and NewsCutter. The integrated Newsroom solution gives our students a hands on ‘real life’ experience, leaving them well equipped to begin their careers in a broadcast newsroom."

Neil Salmon, Demonstrator, Quays TV News, Salford University, www.quaynews.net

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Avid created iNEWS® as a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) for broadcasters, their journalists and news teams. Working together with infrastructure such as Avid Interplay, the iNEWS server lets users create and deliver breaking news, unify entire newsroom operations, and engage audiences across a broad spectrum of TV, web, mobile and social media channels. iNEWS supports all standard wire formats such as ANPA, IPTC, and News ML and allows the consolidated ingest of wires and other sources via serial feed, telnet, email, or by monitoring directories. The iNEWS interface provides a multipurpose front end. Here users can preview videos associated with Avid Interplay sequences directly within iNEWS, perform forward searches across multiple iNEWS systems, and communicate with the rest of the news team.

Journalists can create, browse, and edit stories while directly connected to the iNEWS system at the station, but can also work remotely, accessing news content and rundowns via a real-time Interplay Central browser-based interface or using the mobile workflow of Interplay Central native iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry apps.

Visit www.avid.com/iNEWS for more information

The benefits of learning
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Unlike the other education solutions covered in this guide, Avid iNEWS isn’t a standalone product. Rather the server software provides the heart of an entire collaborative workflow solution for news content creation and distribution in a broadcast environment - each component further develops student skillsets.

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One such tool is Avid NewsCutter, a news-orientated version of Media Composer. This provides direct editorial control over media, cutting broadcast quality pictures and audio that are ready for transmission. The system also plays host to an audio, video, and script-editing tool for journalists, iNEWS Instinct®. This is a visual storytelling tool that increases speed, control, and creativity of the development of voiceovers/VOSOTs and accelerates newscast production using a script-based format. At the end of the chain is the iNEWS Command automation-assist system. This provides experience of playout of video and CG events, triggering their broadcast based on the order and timing of the events in the newscast rundown.

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Colleges and universities are typically using Avid iNEWS to anchor end-to-end Avid workflows. Having an advanced newsroom onsite also allows students to interact with and use news feeds from professional news organisations such as the BBC and Reuters or provide news services for their communities. Such collaboration and real-world experience can only serve to further the skills and employability of students on iNEWS-based courses

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Why NewsCutter and iNews?

- Gain experience of story-centric workflow tools

- Understand the dynamic nature of news content creation and distribution

- Use cutting edge IP and mobile technology to create, browse and edit stories

- Learn how to use collaborative tools, share content and work with colleagues or fellow students on stories within a station environment or network

- Learn and practise field editing with NewsCutter software

- Interact quickly with social media sites to create additional sources and destinations for news

- Take advantage of Interplay Sphere to gain access to global editing workflows and assets

- Use iNEWS Instinct to add to the story quickly and easily from your desktop

- Gain experience of using cutting edge industry newsroom systems used by the most advanced broadcast journalists and editors

Why Jigsaw24?

- With clients including Sky, the BBC, the Guardian and News International, we can help you mirror professional news workflows

- We understand the technologies employed in the electronic news gathering industry, and can support live streaming and FTP uplinks

Teachers can now pick up NewsCutter for £182.50 ex VAT a seat (students also get four years’ free upgrades). You can also get iNEWS NRCS Server Software for Linux for a discounted £2880 ex VAT.

To find out more about NewsCutter, get in touch on 03332 409 241 or email AvidEducation@Jigsaw24.com

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