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We are an Apple Authorised Service Provider and provide in-house tech support. If a fix isn't possible over the phone or email, we're able to send someone out to pick up the faulty equipment so that we can get hands-on and deal with the problem in person. We can even lend you replacement equipment while your hardware is with us, to help prevent downtime, and offer onsite engineers for the duration of the project or just as long as you need.
We can work with you to integrate Macs on a Windows network, standardising your back-end, keeping everything secure, compliant and password-protected. We also offer consultancy around iPad. This can include a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy, employee iPad schemes, app development and device management. We’ll look at solutions for accessing your Windows file servers on iPad, strategic planning and WiFi capability.
We stock the full range of Macs, as well as configured to order options that include extra RAM and storage. Before your new hardware reaches you, we make sure it arrives ready to be used, pre-loading desktop machines with all the software and applications you need, such as Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and Microsoft Office. We’ll even deploy apps and sync settings on mobile devices.
WiFi survey
Giving employees access to mobile devices may be beneficial for improving productivity, but it's also going to have a knock-on effect on your network. We can help you deal with the challenges of connecting iPad, iPhone and more to your WiFi. We'll do a WiFi survey and provide advice on hardware that'll meet your needs, then install everything and perform ongoing network health checks.
wifi survey
When it comes to installing your new equipment, we do everything to make sure you’re up and running as quickly as possible and suffer minimal downtime. From deploying Macs to desks and iPad to your team’s hands, and packaging the applications you need, to storage and backup options, we’ll guarantee the best possible experience.
If you’re using PCs as well as Macs, we'll help make the process of integrating the two an easier one for your IT team – whether you want to run Apple computers in an existing Windows infrastructure or run a separate Apple server alongside it. We can also review security, compliance and governance requirements and can make recommendations on software to ensure you meet them.
We make sure your team is completely up to speed with your new equipment and know how to get the most out of it, so there’s no dip in productivity – whether that’s providing first line technician training to an IT team who are used to PC environments or PC to Mac switcher training for end users, so they’re confident with the latest versions of OS X and iOS.
Our in-house tech support team and fully-accredited engineers have years of experience, and can provide all the support you need to minimise downtime after the installation – from technical support over the phone and email to a completely managed service with SLAs.
Do you just need temporary hardware or workstations for a short period of time or for a contracted team or employee? In some cases, we can provide Mac desktops, notebooks or creative hardware so you can get the benefits of providing your temporary staff with the Apple hardware they need for a particular job, without committing to an investment.
As well as offering Apple's own AppleCare cover, we offer two and three year warranties on all Macs and iPad in education and business establishments, with three year support plans starting from just £50. Your computer or device is covered for any failure during normal operation (except for accidental damage) and we'll repair or replace any ailing devices. You'll also be able to contact our helpdesk at any time, and if you do have to send something in for repair, we'll waive courier fees fro anyone on the UK mainland.
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