• iPad in Business

    What is it?

    From the boardroom to the server room, iPad is designed to deliver everything business users need to do their best work. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features and rock-solid stability, iPad provides the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways.

    What are the benefits?

    • Collaboration and communication. With FaceTime included and a range of conferencing apps available, iPad makes it easy for on-the-road employees to check in with the office, attend key meetings and presentations, or even present remotely. There are also plenty of collaborative tools included, from scheduling tools to the iCloud backup service, which allows you to share content seamlessly between devices and locations.
    • Improved customer experience. With an increasing number of service desk apps available on iPad, it’s easier than ever for staff to access customer records, carry out more comprehensive CRM and respond more quickly to queries, wherever they are.
    • Four levels of security. iPad has four types of security: device (including passcode, timeout periods and device restrictions such as app downloading); network (secure WiFi and cellular access, and integration with a broad range of VPN technologies for protecting sensitive information); data (built-in hardware encryption using AES 256-bit encoding for preventing data being accessed when the device is locked); and platform (all apps are put under the microscope and ‘sandboxed’, stopping them accessing data in other applications).
    • Managed, secured, backed up. When it comes to admin, there are an increasing number of mobile device management solutions available that will make it easy for your team to manage, sync, enforce security protocol, back up or even wipe sensitive data on mobile devices.
    • Better employee engagement. While there’s no denying that apps play a big part in driving productivity on iPad, the simple fact is that workers are more likely to engage with a device that’s fun, simple to use, easy to customise and that they feel real ownership over – all of which iPad delivers in spades.
    • Employee retention. iPad helps boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction (who doesn’t enjoy using an iPad?), without making things too complex for your IT team, which in turn improves all-round employee retention.
    • Small learning curve. From an end user point of view, iPad is incredibly easy to use, and has a far smaller learning curve than a laptop or PC, meaning less disgruntled end users and fewer calls to the IT team.

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    What can we do?

    Our solutions can help you design a policy, deploy and manage devices, updates, apps and more, whether you’re providing devices, relying on a BYOD scheme or want to support an employee purchasing scheme. If you're deploying iOS devices, we can help you get set up on Apple's Device Enrolment Programme for zero-touch device configuration.

    Mobile device management. We offer multi-platform MDM, integration with Apple’s DEP scheme, BYOD schemes, and even MDM as a managed service. Learn more
    Deployment. We can help with every stage of the rollout, from supply through to configuration, installation, training and support. Learn more
    Content delivery and security. App and update distribution, universal file access and synchronisation, content protection, and access and permissions management.
    Next day delivery. We have the complete range of Mac computers in stock and ready to ship – the next day in many cases. Learn more
    One-stop Apple. We offer the full Apple portfolio including Mac, iPad and Apple services, so you needn’t go anywhere else! Learn more
    Accredited repairs. We offer accredited repairs at Jigsaw24 HQ (and they’re completely free in warranty!). Learn more
    Super support. Our in-house team provide tech support, from phone advice to a completely managed service. Learn more
    Smooth deployment. We can deploy devices direct to your premises or to employees’ homes, whether it's one or 1000. Learn more

Why Jigsaw24 for Apple?

For 23 years now, Jigsaw24 have focused on the B2B market in the UK. Playing a key role within Apple’s growth into this base, we have been a major player in both Mac and iPad for many years. We like to think that our different approach complements Apple’s strengths, and sets us apart from other suppliers:

We’re British and we’re local. We like to think our sometimes quirky culture is well suited to our creative professional customers.
We can provide credit to customers. Spread the cost of paying for your Apple investment with our credit options for businesses.
We sell many third party products that support the Apple offering – including Adobe, storage, specialist media and entertainment, infrastructure, and design and print products.
We can offer a large variety of business-focused professional services and solutions including integration, mobility, managed services, infrastructure and app development.
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