• Internal apps

    What is it?

    Getting key information to your sales teams and mobile workforce on time is critical. Because our apps are custom-made and can be integrated with your existing systems, they offer you the chance to deliver, monitor and report on key information and events in realtime.

    What is Sales24?

    If you want to test out iOS apps to see their impact on your business, Sales24 can help your field sales teams schedule meetings, update notes and collateral, generate quotes and share supporting material with clients faster than anyone else. Learn more

    Why does it matter?

    Being able to turn round a quote faster than the competition is going to help you close more deals, as is being able to access more supporting content during a pitch. And when it comes to logistics and CRM, the realtime advantage offered by an internal app means you can nip any crises in the bud and identify bottlenecks before they become a problem.

    What can we do?

    • Strategy and discovery sessions.
    • App design and deployment.
    • Integration with back end and CRM systems.
    • Technical and end user training.
    • Technical support and updates.

    What are the benefits?

    • Improved visibility over processes and customer interactions.
    • Realtime feedback on key logistics.
    • Constant access to the most up to date collateral.
    • Faster quote generation to help your team close deals on the day.
    • Simpler communication between all areas of your business.

    “I’m very old school in the way that I view sales teams. I want to know that they’re doing a lot of appointments, I want to know that they’re talking about the right things, I want to know that they’re able to turn a quote round quickly. Our iOS app gives me all that, far more than a traditional bit of paper.”

    Tim Bodill, Sales director, Phoenix IT

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