Subscription and leasing

Leasing and purchasing options to keep your technology deployments financially sustainable

Get the latest tech without breaking the bank!

Our iPad and Mac subscription options take the hassle out of device procurement. Easily tailored to your needs and budget, your payment model can include charging stations, software and a management service rolled into one monthly payment. So you can get the latest technology along with flexible and streamlined costs, easy admin and procurement, all without breaking the bank!

Over the last 25 years, we’ve worked with over 4000 primary and secondary schools, and we offer free face to face consultancy to determine what will work best for you. Get in touch to see how you can make the most of your budget through our leasing and subscription options!

In a nutshell...


Take the hassle out of device procurement for education.


Plans tailored to your specific needs and budget.


Everything from hosted MDM, deployment, WiFi solutions and staff training.


Allow staff to focus more on teaching, saving you time and money.

What can we do?

Hosted MDM

We can help with all aspects of managing your deployments, including MDM that’s hosted or managed by us, so we can take the pain out of managing your Apple devices.

Expert consultancy

Our team have spent years working within the creative industries, and can design you a bespoke ICT solution based around industry-standard kit. Along with their technical skills, they have a knack for translating IT technician speak for teachers.

Help with installation

We have a team of accredited engineers and project managers whose job it is to set up your IT at a time that suits you. They’ll make sure you’re up and running with the minimum disruption to your school.

Get staff up to speed with CPD training

We can provide Apple-accredited training for teachers, tech staff and end users, as well as CPD training to help teachers get the most from iPad in the curriculum.

WiFi and networking solution

We’ll help you achieve reliable network to support your devices, with WiFi, server, storage and security solutions.

Example savings

Subscription to iPad

(2017 model, 32GB WiFi only)

  • Per month: £9.29
  • Per quarter: £27.87
  • Total 24 month subscription cost: £222.96
  • Total outright purchase cost: £272.00
  • Total savings: £49.04 or 18%

All figures provided are subject to satisfactory underwriting. Hardware prices accurate as of Nov 2017.

Our ultimate iPad classroom bundle!

To give you an example of what we can offer, and how much you’re likely to pay, we’ve put together our ultimate iPad classroom bundle, featuring everything you’d need for a class’s worth of iPad, including 30 devices, warranties, cases and MDM licences, a trolley to keep everything secure and charged, plus a full day of installation from the team.

  • Monthly cost per user: £12.58
  • Monthly cost per quarter of classroom bundle: £1132.05
  • Total 24 month subscription cost: £9056.40
  • Total outright purchase cost: £9925
  • Total savings: £868.80 or 9%

All figures provided are subject to satisfactory underwriting. Hardware prices accurate as of Nov 2017.

Our financial sustainability solutions

Subscription model

We can provide finance and leasing options for an assortment of products and services, either for the entire lifetime of the solution or for a specific period. We work with CHG-Meridian to buy and distribute your devices, allowing you to hire the devices and pay a fixed rental fee over a period of two or three years.

At the end of the contract, you can opt to renew your subscription, at which point we’ll recover the devices and replace them with the latest model. It all means your IT staff and teachers will have more time to focus on their other duties, saving you time and money in the long run.


A subscription model gives you everything you could need, including:


All your devices ready to use right out the box, complete with WiFi, web filter settings and apps installed, and restrictions set to your your specifications.


Devices, charging stations, software, and a management service to monitor and configure devices and install apps across each iPad.


A secure and easy to use purchasing portal.


Extended warranties, with the option to choose to insure devices against theft and accidental damage.


CPD training from our Apple Education Trainers, which is the highest level of classroom-focused training available for iPad.

Compliant operating lease

There are lots of benefits to leasing over purchasing, primarily helping to make your technology deployment cost-effective, and best of all, most equipment can be leased. While strict laws govern leasing, you can rest assured that we’re 100% compliant and work closely with our finance partners to help you put together a leasing plan and fully understand all the rules and restrictions.

Compliant operating lease

Parental contribution schemes

Once schools begin to notice the impact learning devices like iPad have on students, they often start to think about a 1:1 (one device per user) iPad deployment. A popular way to fund such a huge deployment is by setting up a parental contribution scheme whereby parents were more than happy to fund an iPad for their child once the educational benefits had been proved. See how schools are benefiting from parental contribution schemes in our 1:1 iPad Impact Study. 

Parental contribution schemes

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