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We’re all trying to be greener. But could  tech be doing more to help your institution hit its carbon goals?



We’re all trying to be greener. But could  tech be doing more to help your institution hit its carbon goals?


Hitting your green goals has never been more important

Sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of our times, and it’s an increasingly big part of how organisations choose partners and how students choose where to learn – according to a 2019 review by Princeton University, 64% of students consider a university’s green commitments before deciding where to attend.

Powerful devices making a powerful change

Holding onto ageing IT may feel like the environmentally responsible thing to do, but moving students and staff to the latest devices can go a long way toward decreasing your carbon footprint. For example, the latest generation of Apple devices:

  • Uses recycled materials including 100% recycled aluminium and tungsten.
  • Consumes less power, thanks to the new M1 chip – up to 60% less, in the case of the new Mac mini.
  • Contains 75% less single-use plastic compared to models from 2015.
  • Is made using renewable energy where possible, with Apple committed to using 100% clean energy by 2030.

A partner in progress

Apple are committed to being carbon neutral by 2030, and we have similarly ambitious goals. From switching to 100% renewable energy at Jigsaw24 HQ to offsetting 800 tonnes of carbon with The Woodland Trust, we’re constantly working to make our company (and our supply chain) greener. We can work with you to find suppliers and solutions that support your environmental policies and as we drive down our own carbon footprint, we’ll be making yours smaller, too. 

Our progress so far:

ISO 50001 and 14001 energy and environmental management.

Reduced overall energy consumption by 20%.

In the top 10% of companies on EcoVadis.

Partnered with The Woodland Trust to offset 800 tonnes of carbon.

Revitalise your university's IT ecosystem

Trade in your old devices

Swap ageing, inefficient devices across campus for Apple’s eco-friendly M1 range, and you’ll see a huge boost in performance – and in your IT estate’s green credentials. The M1 chip matches the peak performance of a PC while using 75% less power, so you can go longer between charges, and use less power per device. Get in touch with the team to find out how much you could save by trading in your existing hardware. 

Recycle hardware

When staff laptops, media workstations, science lab terminals and the rest of your hardware reaches the end of its useable life, our team can ensure that it’s disposed of in line with WEEE standards. We’ll collect devices from your site, certify that all your data has been erased, and arrange for devices to be sold on or recycled in line with the latest guidelines. 

Get the support you need

As many universities move to more mobile teaching and working models, switch to hot-desking and look to reducing the impact of community on their carbon footprint, we’re here to help. Integrating your macOS and iOS devices, helping you adapt your existing infrastructure for new models of working and helping you make the best tech choices for the long term is all within our remit – just get in touch with our Apple-certified team to find out what we can do for you. 

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