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DRR24: Device Retirement and Recycling

Our service for recycling your old devices.

DRR24: Device Retirement and Recycling

Our service for recycling your old devices.

Making disposal of your old devices as smooth as possible

Our device retirement and recycling service takes care of your old and unwanted user devices, with collection, physical checks and data removal carried out prior to disposal and recycling.

DRR24 has been designed to make removal and disposal of devices as smooth as possible. During the process we’ll ensure all devices are checked for operating errors or physical damage, remove applications and end user data, and facilitate sell-on of retired machines.

Collection and transportation of devices ready for retirement.

Pre-grading of asset condition and device firmware update reset.

Arranging buyback or recycling of devices.

Certified data destruction prior to device recycling.

DRR24 includes:

  • Collection of the devices from your site.
  • Grading of devices and device firmware update (DFU) reset.
  • Route to selling on or recycling machines.
  • Certified data destruction.

Why choose DRR24?

Device retirement and recycling is often the last part of the process for many IT refreshes. DRR24 has been designed to make the process of retiring unwanted end user machines as simple as possible. 

From collection through to crediting you with the value of those recycled machines, we will work with you to understand your needs and plan a smooth transition, putting in place a plan that takes into account the number of sites, and arrange phased pickups where required. 

You’ll receive an accurate list of devices and a breakdown of condition prior to them being made available for recycling.

A full device firmware update (DFU) reset on all devices.

Pre-grading of devices to help set expectations prior to them being sent for recycling.

Bulk processing of devices that are sent for resale.

We can arrange for the data on the devices to be erased and provide industry-recognised certification to confirm that it has been securely removed.

No chance of devices being recycled or sold through an asset recycler while still containing legacy data.

Device recycling helps you realise the true lifetime value of your devices. By trading in old kit to offset refreshes and new services, the TCO of your initial investment is lowered, and you don't have the hassle of disposing of equipment yourself.

David Dudman, Jigsaw24 Services Director

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