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DMS24: Device Management Services

Device management solutions 
for Mac and iOS.

DMS24: Device Management Services

Device management solutions 
for Mac and iOS.

Simplify the process of deploying, updating and reporting on your Apple estate

Having a clear plan in place for managing company-owned devices is crucial for getting the most out of your technology. Our device management service for Mac and iOS provides administration and configuration for Apple devices within your organisation. A complete end to end service, it covers everything from the initial order throughout the devices’ entire lifecycle, giving you both security and cost benefits. Customisation options available to tailor the service to your exact needs, giving you the best possible user experience.

First class management of device enrolment, and revision of profiles and policies.

Management of device configuration and security settings, including creation and revision of profiles and workflows tailored to suit your business.

Packaging and deployment of applications, including App Store applications.

Inventory reporting of assets, specifications and ownership.

DMS24 includes:

  • Management of device enrolment workflows.
  • Management of device configuration and security settings.
  • Managed software updates.
  • Creation and revision of profiles and policies.
  • Packaging and deployment of standard applications.
  • Managed distribution of App Store applications.
  • Fulfilment of requests from a nominated IT representative.
  • Inventory reporting.

Why choose DMS24?

Apple has become a staple for many businesses, and are increasingly the chosen phone and tablet for remote working, customer experience, outbound sales and much more. As corporate technology gets increasingly complex and the software requirements of departments within an organisation become more diverse, managing devices and ensuring compliance are essential.

DMS24 has been designed to make the process of managing and maintaining Apple devices simple and straightforward. Our services address the concerns of organisations looking to manage devices at scale, with built-in management and reporting features that provide a 360 degree view of your deployment.

Auto-enrollment into Apple Business Manager, giving you ongoing management and improved security.

Security profiles applied to all devices or specific groups, for the best and most secure user experience from day one.

Application updates and OS updates evaluated to confirm suitability and security before being pushed out.

Software updates given priority status, with critical updates tested and deployed immediately.

Support for app purchases with Apple Business Manager, so applications are tested the same as other corporate software.

Device management options

“Our device management service is about putting you in the driving seat. We make sure your end users get the best possible experience with their devices by customising profiles, policies, scripts and self service options to suit your business and workflow.”

David Dudman, Jigsaw24 Services Director

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