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Pro audio

Hardware and software for audio production and post in music, film, gaming and VR.

Pro audio

Hardware and software for audio production and post in music, film, gaming and VR.

Here at Jigsaw24, we’ve been working with the UK’s leading creative companies for over 25 years. In that time, our engineers have encountered every kind of workflow and challenge, from managing studio builds to accurate digital audio clocking.

Because our team have all worked in leading studios and post facilities, they understand the day to day challenges you’re facing, and will design your workflow based on the performance it will deliver day to day, not what it can do in theory. We also have extensive networking experience which, combined with our studio knowledge, makes us the ideal partner for anyone looking to overhaul their networking or move to an IP-driven workflow. 

Whether you’re working in traditional music production and sound for picture, or are looking to capture immersive sound for VR or gaming, we can help – get in touch to find out more.

Come to us if you need

Avid Elite Partner for audio, video and storage.

Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite dealer, able to calibrate rooms for 7.4.1 mixing.

Experienced audio networking team ready to help you make the move to IP.

Advice on your entire Pro Tools workflow, including configuring S4 and S6 consoles.

What are you working on?

Avid S3 hardware

Music production

Whether you're producing music for download, streaming or to be delivered alongside images, our consultants can work with you on a facility design that supports what you need to achieve. As former recording artists and engineers in some of the leading recording facilities in the UK, they can help you ensure your facility is flexible, futureproof and able to evolve with your requirements

If you already know what you need, we can provide, install and support all your key hardware and software, from everyday items like mics and monitors to consoles, acoustic treatment and full Dante workflows. We can arrange live demos on much of this equipment, too – get in touch to book an appointment, or arrange a demo at your premises.

Audio studio at Halo

Sound for picture

We work with some of the biggest names in post, including HALO, Envy, Encore, The Farm Group and more, so you can trust us when it comes to sound for picture. 

We can help you develop flexible studio spaces that can suit any task, including networking multiple rooms so you can move projects between them instantly, and control the hardware in one room from another if that’s what you need.

As a Dolby reseller, we can help you calibrate your rooms for an Atmos workflow, and provide the hardware you need to create and deliver Atmos mixes.

Dolby Atmos Theatre

Immersive sound

Whether you’re using Atmos or Ambisonics to create and mix your immersive soundscapes, we can help.

Our team can advise on the best hardware for capturing your sound, and provide solutions for mixing and playback that range from something as simple as spatial headphones to complex directional monitoring setups.

Take a look at some of our favourite solutions here, or get in touch with the team to find out more.

Headphones and gaming software on MacBook Pro

Audio for gaming

We can provide all your day to day kit, from mics and monitors to studio gear. Our close relationship with major vendors combined with our massive stockholding means that we can offer next day delivery on many key ranges, so you can always get what you need to hit deadlines.

If you’re moving to a new facility, we can help with full studio builds, including transitioning you to an IP-driven Dante/AES67-driven workflow, so you can capture the cleanest possible signal. And while we’re working on your IP network, we can help you integrate performance capture technology like Faceware.

Get more out of your gear with turnkey solutions

We’ve got great pricing and delivery options for a whole range of audio essentials, but that’s not where our service stops. Because we have audio engineering expertise in-house, we can provide turnkey solutions that arrive at your facility fully configured and tested, so you can plug them in and just go.

For more complex projects, we have in-house wiring, networking and consultancy and project management teams, so can take care of every aspect of your project. We’ll make sure that solutions are installed with minimal disruption, then carry out handover training and post-install testing, so there’s no additional strain on your tech team. We can also integrate your studio gear with your backend IT systems to ensure everything runs smoothly from day one.

Once you’re up and running, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance for all your key kit, including remote support, site visits, managed updates and more.

Focusrite RedNet hardware

“Working with Jigsaw24 has been really fluid. We’re always able to get in touch with somebody, and their support on the technical side of things has been impressive – there’s not been an issue that they haven’t been able to solve promptly.”

Jake McAuley, Head of Production, Media Zoo

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