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The rise of Apple in schools...

200,000 education apps and counting

200,000 education-focused apps have been created for Apple devices.1

100% think iPad makes a difference

100% of pupils agreed that the ability to see others’ work being shared via Apple TV had a positive impact on their own work.2

83% of students want to continue using a Mac

83% of students using Mac want to continue using a Mac.2

50% increase in attainment

Over just two weeks, the difference in attainment between a classroom with iPad versus a non-iPad group was nearly 50%.2

71% of students prefer Mac

71% of students surveyed said they would either use a Mac or prefer to use a Mac if cost were not a consideration.3


Ordinary lessons become extraordinary with Apple


Who said maths was boring? With access to thousands of creative apps at your fingertips, maths lessons will never be the same. Apps like GeoGebra 3D Calculator allow your pupils to easily solve 3D maths problems by creating their own geometric constructions in 3D, and they can even activate built-in augmented reality to place their 3D creations on any surface and interact with them first-hand. The Incredible Numbers app allows your students to discover the beauty of maths by using interactive demonstrations to explore concepts such as ‘how many ways are there to tie your shoes?’ and ‘what does it really mean to call something infinite?’. With iPad and Mac the possibilities are endless. 

Maths on iPad


Teach your students how to code with fun and interactive coding apps created just for the iPad and Mac. Swift Playgrounds allows students to learn serious code by playing interactive games, puzzles and guiding colourful characters across an imaginary world – all while teaching them the Swift programming language used by the pros to build today’s most popular apps. Or why not use Sphero to let your students programme a robot or fly a drone using the code that they create with their classmates? With Apple, learning code has never been easier.

Coding on iPad

Art & Design

Bring your students’ inner imaginations to life by using Apple Pencil to make drawing illustrations on iPad feel just like putting pen to paper – but without the mess. Create using a pen, paintbrush, pastel stick and more from the convenience of one easy to use device. You can even wirelessly share your Mac screen with iPad to unlock even greater depth of detail. Or why not prepare your pupils to become digital storytellers with Creative Cloud software which pairs with Apple technology to let your students create an array of digital projects like infographics, websites, videos, and 3D and AR content. 

Art and video creation with Apple technology


Help your students become the Shakespeares of tomorrow with Apple technology. Apps like Reading Comprehension Prep paired with Mac and iPad allow students to build their reading skills inside and outside the classroom. Students can listen to engaging stories and read along at their own pace before completing a variety of questions to test their comprehension skills. Vocabulary Prep allows students to hear the audio of vocab words, their definitions, and sample sentences – and they can even be assigned vocabulary tests and learning using apps like Schoolwork, Showbie, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Plus, assignments will never be the same. Pages transforms your students’ written essays into interactive, digital books complete with photos and illustrations.

English on Mac


Every one of your students has a voice and using GarageBand for Mac and iPad, they can express their inner music genius - even if they don’t know how to play an instrument. Students can learn important musical concepts like tempo, rhythm and chords, while developing the skills they need to record original podcasts, drumbeats and songs. They can change their voice with effects using the Audio Recorder, create mixes using an array of fun beats, explore a range of music genres and make music like a pro.

Music on Mac

Apple was made for the classroom

Make your lessons more interactive than ever

As a teacher, you probably know by now that your students learn best by doing. Apple technology equips you with the tools and inspiration to create a truly magical learning experience. From using augmented reality apps that bring digital objects to the real world to letting your students create documentaries using the in-built camera and Clips. Explore new ways to teach and watch engagement soar.

Spreadsheets become canvasses for visualising data, worksheets become a place for brainstorming great ideas – Apple technology gives students a creative studio to explore and present any idea. And Apple is so integrated that you can seamlessly switch between devices for a coherent learning experience. For instance, students can snap a photo on their iPad and pick it up on a Mac later to make it even richer. 


Boost collaboration in the classroom and beyond

Whether using 1:1 devices or sharing, Mac and iPad allows students to work together and collectively solve problems so they can see first-hand the rewards of good teamwork. Using Apple Classroom to AirPlay allows you to connect your students’ devices to the projector to encourage them to showcase their work, explain their logic and promote discussions to maximise learning.

With clever Apple apps, students can continue learning from home, with everything they need to learn in one place so you can teach them in real-time, from anywhere. For your students, connecting to lessons remotely is as easy as answering a call. When connected, you can navigate your pupils to specific apps, view their screens and see a summary of their engagement at the end of class. Owl Labs gives your students an immersive video experience that will make them feel like they’re right there with you. You can also add written or verbal feedback to their documents and use Apple Pencil on iPad to mark up Pages documents as easily as you do on paper.


Ensure everyone gets the most out of lessons

With Apple technology integrated into your learning plan, you can ensure that every one of your students receives the support they need to succeed. Apple Classroom enables you to easily manage your classroom to save time spent on admin, while the Schoolwork app and Showbie allow you to easily distribute lesson activities and assignments to your students. You can also access insights like test scores, time taken on tasks and progress on modules, so you understand which areas students are strong in and where they need extra support.

Every one of your students is unique and the beauty of having Apple technology integrated into your teaching is that you can tailor your lessons to the individual needs of your students. At the touch of a button from your own device, you can discretely customise the apps and difficulty levels of tasks across each of your students’ devices to make sure they have the work that best suits them.


Jigsaw24 Education can help you get started

We know that effective teaching requires student engagement, and after years of providing IT solutions to schools, we know that Apple products are the perfect way to capture your students’ imagination. But we also know that it’s not just about installing the right technology, schools need a plan in place to get the most out of this.

At Jigsaw24, we take an education-first approach to provide the best outcomes for both teaching and learning. That’s why more than 6,000 schools, colleges, and universities have trusted us to help them deploy expert ICT solutions.

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we offer the hardware, software and services to support you on your journey. We can consult on the best teaching tools for your school while we work with you to implement technology into your lesson plans based on your school’s individual needs. We offer full iOS and macOS training courses to help your staff understand how to get the most out of the technology they’ll be using in their classrooms. And our best-in-class device management services help cut down your workload and give you back the time you need to do what you do best – inspiring the next generation.

Want to know more?

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