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Reach your school's goals with Apple

Achieve your school's goals with Apple.

Reach your school's goals with Apple

Achieve your school's goals with Apple.

We can help you put technology to work

Effective teaching requires engagement, and Apple products are the perfect tools to help you capture your students’ imaginations. With apps and resources to support any subject in the curriculum, they can help you shape the future of your teaching and learning – and we’re here to help.

We offer full iOS and macOS training courses, can consult on the best teaching tools for your school and work with you to implement technology into your lesson plans. We help you do what you do best – inform and inspire the next generation.

In a nutshell…

Discover the best apps to support teaching and learning.

We can help you find solutions to cut down on your workload.

Get qualified CPD training, coaching and mentoring.

Find out how to use the latest Apple teaching guides in lessons.

Apps to support your teaching

Apple Classroom

The best EdTech supports the classroom – and Apple is no different. We can help you discover and learn how to use tools like Apple Classroom, so managing the day to day learning of your class is even easier. Whether students are using their own device or sharing, Classroom puts you in control: view the screen of every device, lock students into an app, open specific textbook pages, share student work to your board and much more.

Two students looking at an iPad

Apple Schoolwork

Schoolwork lets you use iPad or Mac to give handouts to students and track their progress. With it, you can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress, and give them support and feedback in real time. It’s easy for students to use, too. Assignments automatically appear on their iPad devices, organised by due date and class, and they can hand them back in using the app when they’re finished.

Two teachers working on iPads
Showbie app logo

Reducing teacher workload through audio and video feedback

When our team talks to teachers, the thing we hear most often is that they need help reducing their workload. That’s why we work with teaching staff to find technology solutions such as Showbie. Highly recommended by teachers who use it, Showbie is an assessment app that lets you create virtual classrooms to share and receive student work. Then, you can give instant text and audio feedback to pupils. Best of all, it shaves hours off the time you’ll spend marking every week. And as a Showbie Platinum Reseller Partner, we can help teachers and students get the most out of Showbie for learning, feedback and assessment. 

Training, coaching and mentoring

Training courses

We offer a full catalogue of training courses for teachers, and our own Apple Education Trainers (former teachers and educators who speak your language) have the expertise to help embed creative technology into your teaching and learning. And because the focus of the training begins with pedagogy and the best teaching practices, it allows your staff to make the most effective use of technology, whatever level they are at.

What we can provide:

Guidance from an Apple-accredited team.

Coaching, mentoring and in-class teaching support.

Essential Apple training for beginners and experts alike.

Training to support the whole curriculum.

Professional training strategy

Professional training shouldn’t be seen as a one-off thing – if you want to maximise the impact of your deployment, then a long term training strategy is vital. We’ll always work to create a strategy for your deployment, whether your school is part of a single institution or part of a large trust.

Working closely with leadership teams, we can ensure you achieve your academic goals by leveraging the technology and resources available. We call this Planning and Vision, and it’s really important in developing a training strategy. Once a vision and mission have been set, our phased approach to training allows us to develop a clear structure that differentiates for the various skill sets of staff.

Jigsaw24 education Training guide

“What Jigsaw24 were offering seemed too good to be true. Everything just works – there’s no hassle, very efficient service, great training and they’re very supportive of our school and of students’ learning.” 

Jennifer Bruce, Assistant Headteacher, Churchill Community College.

50% attainment increase. Above-expected progress. Remote engagement.

Read our 1:1 Impact Report to find out how iPad is helping UK schools.

Get started with Apple teaching guides and programmes

Apple Teacher

Never used Apple devices for teaching? The Apple Teacher programme is a free professional development course to support you using Apple products in the classroom. From picking up the fundamentals of apps like Pages and GarageBand to using accessibility features to support all learners, it’s designed to help you get more out Apple technology. Get in touch for advice on how to get started.

Two education iPads

Everyone Can Create

The Everyone Can Create guides are a free set of resources to help you ignite the creativity in every student. The projects in the guides teach students to explore and communicate their ideas through pictures, videos, music and art using their iPads. And they help you teach these skills in any lesson, for any year group. As part of our teacher training programme, we can help you use the Everyone Can Create guides to support your curriculum goals.

A group of students working outside with iPad

Teaching Code

In the digital age, coding has become one of the most important skills for young people to learn. With Apple’s Teaching Code programme, you can use easy to follow guides to help students learn the fundamentals of code, develop their skills and grow to become experts in a coding language used by professional programmers. Coding is a difficult skill to teach, but we can help you use the Teaching Code programme to meet the requirements of the computing curriculum.

Teaching Code programme on iPad

Teaching with tech guides

Get to know Apple

Want to know more about how Apple can transform the teaching and learning experience? Fill in the form and one of the team will be in touch.

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