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Apple in education: Perfect for parents

Made to inspire students’ learning and enable working from anywhere, Apple devices are the best tools for your child’s future.

Apple in education: Perfect for parents

Made to inspire students’ learning and enable working from anywhere, Apple devices are the best tools for your child’s future.

Why Apple?

Apple have revolutionised learning with their classroom technology. With easy to use devices and educational resources just a tap away, teaching and learning are easier and more engaging, and retention is improved.

Read our 1:1 iPad impact guide to see how Apple technology has helped teaching and learning across the country.

In a nutshell…

We can help your children learn from anywhere.

We engage with your school to discuss new learning initiatives.

We can ensure your child is protected while using their school device.

Our parental contribution schemes can help your child access the latest learning technologies for less.

How Apple devices support your child’s learning

Take advantage of the power of iPad and Mac

Both teachers and students alike love Apple devices, and with good reason. iPad and Mac open up opportunities to bring lessons to life with creative and engaging learning experiences. With hundreds of thousands of education apps, books and videos, there’s resources for every subject level and age. 

Whether students are taking their first steps in coding, exploring interactive models of the human body, or unleashing their creativity through music videos and design, it’s all possible with Apple.

Illustration of iOS apps

Complete security

From the ground up, iPad and Mac are designed to be secure, stable and robust – Apple products and services for education are designed with the same approach. Built-in security features keep your children safe while using their devices, and Apple School Manager gives school IT teams the power to enforce security settings and updates on devices to protect from hackers and malware, even if your child keeps them at home.

Illustration of a secure iPad and MacBook

Protecting students’ privacy

The privacy of students is fundamental to the design of Apple hardware, software and services. With features and services designed just for schools, such as Managed Apple IDs, Apple School Manager and Shared iPad, student information is kept private and protected.  When accounts are set up, you can be sure any and all data is only used educational purposes.

Illustration of protected Apple devices

Getting on board with your child’s learning

To get the best results from Apple, parents need to be on board, supporting their children’s learning inside and outside the classroom. Having the latest classroom technology at home and in school means parents are able to explore and take part in their child’s education like never before. 

We know this technology can greatly benefit the education and life chances of pupils, so it’s time for teachers, parents and students to come together to create a brighter future for young learners.

A smart investment in your child’s future

Parental contribution

A parental contribution scheme allows schools to provide every pupil with a mobile device to use every day in school and at home for learning. It relies on both the school and parents like yourself contributing to the device, so the cost for each is lower. It relieves pressure on the school budget, improves the pupil’s access to learning materials, and helps you engage with your child’s education.

Student woking on a presentation on an iPad

Setting up a parental contribution scheme at Stephenson Memorial

Stephenson Memorial’s iPad scheme started in the 2012 summer term and relied on every child in Year 5 owning their own device and taking it between home and school. The families entered into a two year rental agreement that was non-profit, so the repayments were kept low. And at the end of the agreement, the parents got to keep the devices. The successful scheme has allowed their students to take ownership of their learning beyond 3pm every day.

Image of the Stephenson Memorial building

50% attainment increase. Above-expected progress. Remote engagement.

Read our 1:1 Impact Report to find out how iPad is helping UK schools.

Want to know more?

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