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Apple for business resources

Everything you need to know as restrictions ease and you plan for the future.

Apple for business resources

Everything you need to know as restrictions ease and you plan for the future.

Our Apple resources

What can an employee choice programme do for you?

Discover what employees really want out of their tech – and how you can offer it to them – in our whitepaper.

Can hybrid working be profitable for your business?

From recruitment trends to cost savings for businesses, we’ve compiled the latest trends in hybrid working practices.

Give your starters the best experience…

… and discover how this can help you retain talent and attract new hires. 

Privacy and Security

How to create a more secure IT environment.

Upgrading to macOS Ventura

Taking advantage of Apple's latest operating system.

Firming up your IT

The need to improve devices and systems for better productivity and efficiency.

A new lease of life

The benefits of shifting to a subscription model for your end users' devices.

One login for all services

Using your corporate identity to improve security and user productivity.

Staying sustainable

How sustainable IT can reduce environmental impact and lower business costs.

Decoupling data and devices

Our essential guide to how you can save money and be more flexible by decoupling your devices from your data plans.

What's driving Apple adoption in the enterprise?

Discover why enterprises are choosing Apple’s unique, seamless ecosystem for business.

Mac myths for business busted

We investigate the most common misconceptions businesses have around Mac cost, security, compatibility.

The real cost of Mac: How much could you save?

We take an in-depth look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Apple devices.

Outsourcing Mac support

A look at the changing face of IT service provision and how an outsourced Apple model can affect your IT budget.

AD and Apple integration in creative environments

A top level overview of Mac integration, with considerations for integrating Macs at scale.

Discover the value of Mac

Forrester’s report on the potential savings and ROI of Apple Mac for businesses.

Partnering with Jigsaw24

The benefits of partnering with the most highly certified Apple technology provider in the UK.

Jigsaw24 and Apple

Comprehensive services for a seamless collaboration.

Case studies

Hachette UK

Supporting a complex mixed platform environment with 400 Macs and 2000 employees, all under one contract.

News UK

Comprehensive supply, engineering, developmental and support services for more than 1000 Macs and 500 iPad.

Guardian Media Group

Empowering employees with iPad, through a shared ownership scheme and bespoke purchasing portal.

Video: Is Mac the cheaper option v the cost of other computers?

How much does Mac really cost businesses? While the initial cost can sometimes be more expensive, when you factor in residual value, additional software and upgrades, and the cost of managing and supporting those devices, Mac devices are often the cheaper choice. 

Watch our quick video to find out more about the total cost of ownership of Mac for business.

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