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Narduzzo Too grade for Netflix on the EIZO ColorEdge Prominence

Narduzzo Too have been the go-to colourists for Ricky Gervais’ work since Extras, so when they realised that his next project would need to be delivered in Dolby PQ, they went in search of a HDR monitor that would meet Netflix’s stringent requirements. Luckily, we were able to introduce them to the amazing EIZO ColorEdge Prominence...

Liz Sunter

“I’d been asked to grade the new series Ricky Gervais was doing for Netflix, and one of the implications of that was that it had to be delivered in Dolby Vision,” explained colourist Vince Narduzzo. “We’d been thinking about investing in HDR for a while, but it was fantastic to have the opportunity to do it on the back of this job.”

Our consultants set them up with an EIZO ColorEdge Prominence demo, and they liked what they saw. “The team from EIZO brought down a monitor to show us, and it was a great monitor that fit in perfectly with what we were doing,” said Vince. “I think we initially wanted the Sony model because of the badge, but Netflix told us this model was also approved, and despite the lower costs it was clearly the better monitor.”

“The monitor looks great – the blacks are fantastic,” said colourist Harry Conquest. “It meets all the specifications for 4K grading and is what allowed us to do this project.”


Working in Dolby Vision

Once the monitor was in place, Narduzzo Too were ready to get their Dolby Vision certification and get grading. “We’re a bespoke grading company, and I think that was quite important when it came to getting the certification,” said Vince.

“I think a lot of the facilities that dabble in grading would find it quite difficult to get certified, because you need to have been grading for a long period of time to understand the principles of what you’re looking at, and why things are the way they are. Working in Dolby Vision, you have incredible range but you have to be very careful how you use it – you can overcrank things just because they’re there, and end up with very ugly pictures that you think are right, so it’s a case of less is more.”

The addition of Narduzzo Too’s Dolby Vision-certified grading suite means that Pinewood Studios now offers an end-to-end Dolby Vision pipeline, as well as Dolby Atmos audio mixing.


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