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Future-proofing a new audio studio at post-production house Splice

Leading Shoreditch, London based post-production facility Splice perform online, offline and audio duties for some of the UK’s most popular programmes, including MasterChef, Educating Joey Essex, Salvage Hunters and Storyville. When they were building a new audio mixing suite, they called us in to make sure the technology they were installing was both cutting edge and future-proof.


Continuous innovation

“We’ve always been ahead of the curve slightly in how we do things at Splice. We were the first people to be doing file-based stuff, maybe eight or nine years ago,” explained Splice’s Company Director, Damian Dolniak. “So when we were building our new audio suite we wanted to continue to lead the way, and to and future proof our investment a little bit at the same time.” 

“The main challenges we’re facing are price, price and price,” explained Damian. “Everyone’s budgets are being cut, so when it comes to technology we need to find smarter, more efficient ways of doing the things we were doing two years ago, and continue to find ways to differentiate ourselves from other people doing what we do.” 

Luckily, we were there to help. “Jigsaw24 have always been quick to adapt to new technology,” said Damian. “They’ve done a lot of our system upgrades with them over the years, and been able to test out various bits of kit with them that we’ve then been able to recommend to our customers. They’ve always been particularly knowledgeable about audio. The service they provide, their responsiveness and their can-do attitude have really firmed up the relationship.”

Trusting in the Avid workflow

Splice have been using Avid Media Production Solutions since they first started out – their storage back end alone has been Avid-based for 16 years now – so we didn’t want to stray too far from the path with this upgrade. 

“We didn’t really do any tests or trials,” said Damian. “We knew what we wanted and Jigsaw24 helped us achieve that goal. You have a good track record with supplying and installing the Avid Pro Tools | S6, the technology we wanted to invest in, so we were quite comfortable trusting in your commissioning and deployment of it.”


“We’ve done a lot of system upgrades with Jigsaw24 over the years, they’ve helped us try and test various bits of kit and recording equipment, which we’ve then been able to recommend out to some of our own customers thanks to Jigsaw24.”

The pressure test

The audio suite was put through its paces when Splice were asked to carry out offline and audio work on the latest series of BBC reality show MasterChef. “It’s definitely helped keep that project running smoothly,” Damian told us. “As the series progresses, deadlines get tighter and tighter, and the Avid S6 has definitely allowed us to be more nimble in terms of how we deal with that. It’s meant we can work more efficiently, get through things quicker and automate the process so we know we can turn around a mix in a day.”


Download the full case study here. For more about how the S6 could speed up your audio workflow, get in touch with the team on 03332 409 210 or email