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Equipping Vivid Rentals with Avid workstations and storage

Vivid Rental provide Avid workstations and storage to some of London’s biggest productions, including Mission: Impossible 6, Avengers: Infinity War, Murder on the Orient Express and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. As their Avid hardware provider and second line support team, we’re on hand for all their most challenging jobs, including sending a NEXIS out to rural Malawi for The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.


Liz Sunter

“With every high-end film there’s a different challenge,” Managing Director Evren Arkali told us. “The clients set the trends, we just have to keep up – for example, we’re providing kit for Mission: Impossible 6 now, and the editor wants to work in UHD, and so we’ve had to supply new DNxIQ boxes and 2160p OLED screens.”

In order to help Vivid stay ahead of these sorts of requests, we provide them with up to the minute advice on industry trends and new releases, so they can predict demand and make canny purchases that allow them to meet clients’ needs while managing expenditure.


“Our contacts at Jigsaw24 are really helpful, because they go to trade shows and keep us in the loop about what’s happening in the industry and what technology’s coming up. That means we’ve been able to keep ahead of [clients’] requests, and give our clients what they need. ”

A complete Avid workflow

As an Avid system specialist, Evren and the Vivid team are used to providing Media Composer software, plug-ins, hardware and editing workstations to exacting speci cations. But they’re also seeing increasing interest in Avid shared storage. They’d previously supplied Avid ISIS storage, but since moving to the current NEXIS platform Evren says, “Our more tech-savvy customers have noticed a massive speed di erence.”

Projects currently taking advantage of the NEXIS platform include Chiwetel Ejiofor’s directorial debut, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, for which Vivid have provided two Avid suites linked by dedicated shared storage. “They wanted NEXIS storage to complement the two Avid suites they had out there, because being an Avid product, it has all the capabilities they needed, and it also doesn’t make a lot of sound [in the room],” Evren explained.

“They looked at other storage options, but ultimately if you’re going to be spending two months in the middle of nowhere in Malawi, with very little internet access and a phone connection that’s not great, you want something that you feel comfortable with. You don’t want to be learning about the product on the go. And because Avid has dominated the industry for so long and is so well known, it’s a lot easier to provide remote support for ISIS or NEXIS than anything else, and people want what they feel safe with.”

The value of support

Many of Vivid Rental’s clients have no technicians of their own, so when it comes to support, Evren says, “it’s all on us. We set it up, we make sure it all works, we test it – and then we wait for them to break it. If we’re ever really stuck, then we can call Jigsaw24.”Our team of Avid Certi ed Support

Representatives acts as a second line of support in case Evren and his team need to escalate any particularly thorny issues, need emergency kit, or just need more people on the ground to handle an issue urgently.

“Big films don’t mess around when it comes to time. They want things done rapidly at unsocial hours, so being able to provide support when it’s needed is a high priority,” says Evren. “In fact, It’s the highest priority for our business, because as Avid products themselves get cheaper and people start buying it outright, support is the thing they’ll still want from us going forward.”


“I’d rate Jigsaw24 ten out of ten, I’d highly recommend them. They’re always fair with their pricing and their engineers have gotten us out of some trouble - I have to take my hat off to them, they’re great."


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