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Hosted management and comprehensive support for Mac and Adobe at the AA

AA’s publishing arm moved their support contract to us three years ago in order to improve their coverage, and have since asked us to help them move to Adobe Creative Cloud and provide hosted Mac desktop management. Here’s how we’ve helped them minimise downtime.


Liz Sunter
Finding a new support partner

AA Publishing, the publishing arm of the Automobile Association, have two distinct creative teams who both work on Macs, but are part of an otherwise PC-based office. While the AA handle their own PC support, digital product and system manager Ian Little has always outsourced their Mac support needs, and contacted us three years ago to see if we could o er a better price than his current provider.

“I started out buying kit from Jigsaw24,” he explained, “and I liked the fact that I never had to force things. Their sales guys would just give me a great deal the first time we spoke, so it went from there.”

Ian met with our services team to discuss what we could offer in terms of support, and eventually decided on constant phone, email and remote support, with one of our Mac engineers going in to assist the firm’s PC-based IT team one day a week.

“We used to have a situation where we had an engineer in three days a week, and now if something’s faulty we can potentially have someone remoting onto the desktop and fixing something in a couple of minutes,” said Ian about the change in service, which gives AA a one hour response time and eight hour break-fix time on all their issues. “We’ve got a dedicated point of contact at Jigsaw24, so there’s no messing around.”


Managing a large Mac estate

As well as providing AA with the Mac hardware and support, we recently partnered with them to set up JAMF Software’s Casper Suite in order to manage their Macs.

“We’re seeing benefits already,” said Ian. “We’ve got the ability to run packages straight out of Casper and rebuild Macs remotely, so when we do the next rollout of machines and updates the packaging and self-service will be a lot quicker.”


"Jigsaw24 have done a great job. Anything I’ve asked them about, they’ve been able to give us suggestions and solutions for very quickly, and I can’t fault them. I’ve never had a problem with the way they work, and we always resolve things very quickly."


Casper’s management capabilities mean that Mac users can now expect the same timely deployment of upgrades, resources and self-service updates that PC users enjoy. “We had looked at Casper Suite a while ago,” admitted Ian. “With Jigsaw24, we just increased our yearly support contract to include a managed Casper solution, so we got the solution itself for very little.”


Trialling Adobe Creative Cloud for teams

Another major change afoot in the AA offices is their move to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. Currently in the trial phase, Ian and his team were nervous about “moving wholesale straight away” as they have to support a design studio and a book publishing wing, both of which have very different needs. However, “we now have the usefulness of having all the apps on Creative Cloud and being able to pick and choose and install them on every machine if we need to. It’s especially useful to have them all update at the same time.”

Although there have been some changes to the designers’ workflow – Adobe don’t plan to update Fireworks past CS6, so AA’s designers are now working in a combination of Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Edge Animate – it’s been easier than expected to collaborate between departments and ensure that those not part of the Creative Cloud pilot can still open shared les in CS6 – “the guys working on Creative Cloud can just send round an exchange file and they all work together on it.”

As part of AA’s support contract, our Adobe team are helping them through the pilot and into the end rollout, and will continue to provide any support needed for the administration of AA’s Creative Cloud accounts.


Moving forward...

Having just given their CEO his first Mac and received an enthusiastic response, AA are expecting to roll out more Macs across the organisation, and will continue to rely on Jigsaw24 for services and support.

“Jigsaw24 have done a great job,” said Ian. “Anything I’ve asked them about, they’ve been able to give us suggestions and solutions for very quickly, and I can’t fault them. I’ve never had a problem with the way they work, and we always resolve things very quickly.”


“Working with Jigsaw24 has been a great experience. They made the whole transition process stress-free and, since we’ve had our support contracts, I’ve had the peace of mind knowing the business has engineers."


Download this as a PDF here. To find out more about how we can support your Macs, get in touch on 03332 409 231 or email