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Delivering an employee choice scheme at CFG Law

CFG Law were looking to reduce their IT spend by uncoupling their iPhone deployment from their telecoms contract. Not only were we able to offer them iPhone XR at the best price in the marketplace, but we helped their IT team update to the latest Apple technology, and launch a company-wide employee purchase scheme…


Liz Sunter

“I’ve known our Jigsaw24 account manager for many years, and I know the company have a good relationship with Apple, so they were the obvious choice when I was looking for a new Apple supplier,” said Steve Taylor, Head of IT and Business Improvement at CFG Law.

We worked with Apple Financial Services to broker a deal whereby CFG Law could get the iPhone XR for a very reasonable cost. “It was far more affordable than any other offer on the market,” said Steve. “Buying our data contract and our hardware together tied us into a specific refresh cycle, and made changing the makeup of our deployment difficult – this option allowed us to become more flexible, while also saving us money.”

CFG were able to reduce their costs even further by finding a buyer for their existing devices. This meant they could trade in their existing iPhone deployment and use that money to offset the cost of the new deployment, drastically reducing their overall hardware spend.


A new era for Apple

Although colleagues at CFG have been using iPad and iPhone for several years now, the IT team have always been reluctant to give end users access to Mac desktops in the workplace.

“As a legal firm, security is extremely important to us, and all of our end point devices have to be closely monitored,” said Steve. “I’d worked with Apple devices in the past, and felt that the integration into our systems wasn’t where we needed it to be. So we steered clear of giving people access until the security improved.”

Now times have changed. Apple devices are much easier to integrate into Windows environments, and there are management tools available that are equally as granular as those for PCs. “Now I have the control over our devices, accounts and permissions that I need, I was happy to move forward with it,” said Steve


Improving the user experience with employee choice

Following this initial test, we worked with the CFG Law IT team to draw up a list of approved laptop and desktop models that would meet their stringent technical and security standards. Our development team then built a dedicated purchasing portal for CFG Law colleagues, allowing them to purchase approved devices and accessories with the minimum of admin.

“Being able to offer staff a choice of device makes for a much more efficient workforce,” said Steve. “Our younger staff members in particular have grown up using iOS and macOS devices at home and school, so being able to give them Apple on arrival means there’s one less thing for them to learn before they’re up to speed. And those members of staff who’ve been using iPhone and iPad can move files, notes and presentations between all of their devices, virtually eliminating time spent waiting for transfers or finding workarounds to move files between platforms.”

As the employee choice scheme gathers pace, our consultants continue to advise CFG Law on the best way to capitalise on their Apple investment. “Jigsaw24 continue to be a key partner for us as we move into the Apple space and try to find the most effective way to leverage iOS and macOS in our organisation,” said Steve. “They were able to offer us very flexible, competitive pricing on the hardware we wanted, but they’ve also got the depth of expertise that we need in a partner as we develop.”


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