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The people and padlocks keeping you up and running

Hear us out. We know that ‘support’, ‘management’ and ‘security’ are words that don’t normally sit well next to ‘creativity’. But we’re here to prove that theory wrong. Done well, device management, asset management and endpoint security can all be enabling technologies. Paired with support from our specialists, they’re all ways that IT can keep things safe and secure in the back end, while end users carry on doing what they do best. Oh, and as well as making sure everything is properly supported, we can also work with you to keep it affordable and within budget. Sounds good, right?

Getting ready

Your journey starts with our consultation and design service. When we partner up with a creative organisation, we can recommend the tech that best suits each team’s individual requirements – after all, a copywriter will need a different machine than a graphic designer. We can also offer training on how to use the latest apps and operating systems, which you may not have got your hands on yet. Once you’ve picked the devices, it’s time for configuration: we can implement any required software in advance, as well as MDM tools like Jamf to make deployment silky smooth. And don’t forget our warranties, which will ensure your investment is secure no matter what.

Adobe software on an iMac
WM Creative design studio

The day to day

Once you’re all up and running, you might need a bit more help to ensure your team can keep working without disruptions. We have a wide range of options when it comes to management: we can create a bespoke audiovisual workflow for you, or a collaborative environment using Lifecycle Services so your team can work together. We can also set you up with the best asset management tools so your team has everything you need ready and organised. We can even create a cloud storage system for you using LucidLink, which ensures your assets will be secure and easily accessible, and set up your Microsoft 365 accounts so you’re ready to get creative from day one.

What if something goes wrong?

We’ve got your back! We have security options to keep you and your team protected, from device management to identity management and networking solutions that keep security protections at the forefront. We also provide all kinds of support in a modular approach, which means you can build a scalable plan that’s flexible and suited to your needs. For example, our Critical Incident Pack ensures you get the help you need when something goes wrong and our Advanced Replacement service means you can swap out your faulty device if it can’t be repaired. If you team’s requirements are complex, don’t worry: we can even support you onsite or provide infrastructure management solutions.

When it’s time to say goodbye…

We’ll be there to take care of everything. Our recycling service will ensure your devices are wiped and disposed of responsibly, and we always keep the residual value of the machines in mind to help you finance your refresh. Speaking of which, we also offer a range of financing options to help you access the greatest tools for creative work while keeping costs low and contracts simple and flexible. And with our Device on Demand and Device as a Service options, you can bypass this step, as you can scale down the estate as needed and refreshes are included when required in these opex-friendly models.


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