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Improve time management for shift-based employees, with sign-off and payroll integration


Improve time management for shift-based employees, with sign-off and payroll integration

Easily manage your workforce from anywhere

Planday is staff rota software for desktop and mobile that lets you easily manage, communicate and stay on top of your staff and business needs. Businesses worldwide including fitness, leisure, retail and manufacturing are using Planday, including the likes of Carlsberg, Polpo, Ottolenghi, Just Eat, Best Western, Fitness World and more.

In a nutshell...

Stay on top of your staff and business needs.

Manage workforces of any size with one easy to use app.

Access rotas and approve holidays from anywhere.

Avoid over or under-booking shifts.

Why does it matter?

No matter how big your workforce is, Planday takes the pain out of planning your staff rotas, with software designed to gather all the necessary data required such as availability and holidays. Say goodbye to folders full of spreadsheets and smooth your HR operations – Planday lets you simply drag and drop shifts, holidays and time off into place to build a rota, and stay flexible by easily making adjustments for any eventuality.

What are the benefits?

Easily manage staff rotas for any size workforce using the Planday app, without the need for numerous spreadsheets.

Keep on top of your rotas, communication, and staff management from anywhere, with iPad and iPhone compatibility.

Access your data from anywhere, as Planday is cloud-based – there’s no need to worry about installation issues, upgrades and maintenance.

Restrict access to sensitive data to just responsible managers, while still fully communicating with staff.

Sleep easy knowing you won’t overlook any staff members who have booked time off.

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