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Maximise your creative resource investment with virtual machines.


Maximise your creative resource investment with virtual machines.

About Nutanix

Nutanix’s virtual computing solutions can help media and broadcast companies enjoy greater flexibility, improved efficiency and better return on investment. By spinning up virtual machines or servers based on powerful hardware housed by Nutanix, you can give all your editors, producers and creatives the tools they need – without having to buy expensive physical devices that may sometimes sit idle.

Nutanix technology has long been popular with blue chip businesses, and is now focused on the media and broadcast world and the workloads that you run and is now gaining traction with media and broadcast facilities that need to handle complex workflows. It’s perfect for deploying and redeploying edit workstations and servers as your project pipeline dictates, and can help you achieve the maximum computing resource possible for a lower total cost of ownership.

Nutanix and Jigsaw24

Having worked as creative industry experts for almost 30 years, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help you achieve more for less. That’s why we’ve been helping our customers to roll out Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and reap the rewards of virtualisation.

Our specialists work with Nutanix to identify the most effective, efficient ways in which their solutions can be used by media and broadcast organisations. With unrivalled technical expertise, we can help you build virtual resources that better suit your day-to-day operations. For example, it's possible to run a number of edit workstations on a single Nutanix node, letting you chop and change between online and offline or deploy a mix of both – all while saving power and cooling costs by running a single piece of hardware.

How it works

Nutanix is a hardware-software platform. Put simply, you purchase configured-to-order nodes that provide all the computing power you need, and then use Nutanix’s Acropolis operating system and the Prism dashboard to build and manage your virtual machines. It’s all incredibly flexible and customisable, so you can change the number and power of your virtual machines at any time to satisfy your workloads, meet demand or reflect the type of work your studio is currently tackling.

Nutanix software architecture is hardware agnostic, so it works well with servers from big-name manufacturers like HPE, Dell EMC, Lenovo HX, Fujitsu XF, Cisco and Intel. The virtualisation itself is also certified by Avid, with more media and broadcast suppliers working to certify their workloads on Nutanix virtual machines. Nutanix and Avid have partnered, and Media Composer runs brilliantly on Nutanix-powered virtual machines. You can also stream Adobe applications to any device from virtual machines running in the public cloud or on-premise with Nutanix AHV.

Nutanix’s support is stellar – you always get access to an engineer who works with you from start to finish – and their Net Promoter Score is impressive, too.

Nutanix in media and entertainment: Achieving better flexibility through virtualisation

Download our whitepaper to discover why virtualisation is a great solution for media and entertainment businesses. You’ll learn:

  • How HCI technology works.
  • Why virtualisation is an increasingly popular choice for running creative compute workloads.
  • How virtualisation can offer long-term cost savings.
  • How virtualisation can help you scale up your number of edit suites quickly and easily.
  • How Nutanix brings a flexible solution to suit your specific workflow.

Want to know more?

We’re the number one Nutanix experts in media and entertainment. Get in touch with our industry specialists on 03332 409 210 or email, or pop your details in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

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