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The quick, easy way to book meeting rooms from iOS devices and your Office calendar.


The quick, easy way to book meeting rooms from iOS devices and your Office calendar.

Need a better way to book meeting rooms?

If booking a room where you work involves camping outside rooms for days, wrestling rival meeting teams in the corridors or building a temporary fort out of desks just to get some privacy for a conference call, allow us to recommend Room24.

Room24 sits on iPad devices outside each of your meeting rooms, informing staff of the availability of the room. It can also be used to book an available room and invite others to attend meetings – either from the room itself or from your personal calendar.

The Room24 app integrates into your Exchange or Office 365 platform, so there’s no need for extra software.

In a nutshell...

Set up separate calendars for all rooms and make them accessible from a range of email/calendar clients.

Make and cancel bookings from your email/calendar client.

Give at a glance visibility over whether a room is available.

Instantly book a meeting from any free room.

Display room availability on the iPad interface outside each room using an intuitive traffic light system.

How it works

Room24 integrates into your company Exchange/Office365 accounts and pulls information from your calendars. Staff members can check the status and availability of rooms in person or in their calendars, then book rooms that are available. When a booking is made, the app collects this data (when and where a meeting is scheduled) and updates the availability message on the screen of the devices outside the meeting rooms, letting others know when a room is in use so you won’t be interrupted.

Need a custom system?

Our Room24 Pro solution gives you everything you need to get up and running with an iPad-driven meeting room system. We’ll give you:

  • The Room24 app, customised to suit your branding.
  • 4x iPad and mounts.
  • Configuration and installation of the app and devices.
  • Any training you need.

5 steps to get set up with your app

1. Send us your stuff

We'll personalise your app with your logos, company branding and fonts.

2. Buy your kit

Purchase your iPad, devices, mounts, cables and trunking. 

3. iPad configuration

We'll load the app onto your devices and make sure they're all working properly.

4. The installation

We'll come to your site, install the app for you, and set up and sync your iPads.

5. Training and support

We can provide tech and user training, and offer bespoke support contracts.

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