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CAT24 is our own asset tracking solution for managed deployment of thousands of devices


CAT24 is our own asset tracking solution for managed deployment of thousands of devices

Want a smoother device rollout?

Our custom asset tracking solution, CAT24, takes the pressure off your internal IT team during large scale device deployments. This bespoke, modular solution has facilitated the smooth rollout of tens of thousands of devices for our customers.

In a nutshell...

Smooth, consistent deployment of thousands of devices.

Complete and live visibility over where your rollout is up to.

Cut out lengthy, error-prone manual work by having one central solution.

Great end user experience for staff from selecting their device through to rapid handover.

Keep track of who has what, and what they need to return.

How it works

CAT24 is a modular solution that aids in the mass rollout of new devices. We’ll upload your employee data to the solution cloud database; who needs a new device, who needs to return an old device, and where this needs to take place. Once we’ve delivered your devices to site, our professional service engineers will then use the CAT24 iOS app to capture the deployment of new devices to your staff, and the collection of old ones. 

As this is a modular solution, you’re able to select additional options to suit you, such as an employee-facing portal for selecting new devices and a dashboard for managers to monitor progress.

The CAT24 lifecycle

Step 1 – Employee data uploaded to cloud database, along with data on legacy/return devices (if return required).

Step 2 – Employees select new device and schedule collection location/time from web portal (optional).

Step 3 – New devices dispatched to customer sites for deployment. Step 4 – iOS app used by on-site teams to:

  • a. Capture details of returned devices from employees (optional). 
  • b. Capture details of new devices handed over to employees.

Step 5 – Management can monitor progress with:

  • a. A responsive web app, with a dashboard displaying the rollout status and the option to export detailed data. 
  • b. Automatic generation and distribution of reports.

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