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Get simple, centralised control of your Apple devices with our managed Jamf Pro solutions

Unlock the power of Apple with Jigsaw24 and Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro is the world’s leading Apple device management solution, designed to help you maintain centralised control over your Mac computers, iOS devices and Apple TVs, with zero-touch deployment and inventory tools to ensure maximum visibility over your estate. We’ve been managing Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) on behalf of our customers since 2009, and have deployed more licences and jumpstarts than any other UK provider, so there are no safer hands for your Jamf Pro deployment.

In a nutshell...


Jamf Pro iOS and macOS integration, and JumpStarts from our team of system integrators.


Jamf Pro discovery and consultancy.


Jamf Pro support options.


Jamf Pro training.


Jamf Pro fully managed solution.

Some of the key benefits...

Predictable per-device pricing

Our solution is billed on a per device basis, so you’re only paying for the licences you use and you don’t incur any internal hosting costs.

Focus on core skills

Maintaining another skills base in your organisation is challenging financially, logistically and strategically. Instead, hand over to our team, who are already certified and ready to go.

Time savings

All you have to do is tell us how you want your devices to behave. We’ll then build profiles, register devices, apply settings, monitor usage, troubleshoot and generate reports for you.

Our Jamf Pro services

Management - iOS

iOS devices

Our managed Jamf Pro service covers:

 - App Store app deployment.

 - Creating and applying profiles.

 - DEP assignment.

 - Group workflow management.

 - Enrolment invitations.

 - Inventory collection.

Management - macOS

MacOS devices

Our managed Jamf Pro service covers:

 - App Store app deployment.

 - Creating and applying profiles.

 - DEP assignment.

 - Group workflow management.

 - Enrolment invitations.

 - Inventory collection.

 - Reporting.

 - In-house app development.

Training - iOS

Jamf Pro for iOS training

£350 per person, one day session

 - Best deployment practices.

 - Apple ID management.

 - Using DEP.

 - Deploying with MDM.

 - Device functionality.

 - Shared device workflow.

Training - macOS

Jamf Pro for macOS training

£350 per person, one day session

 - Deep dive into macOS build methods and benefits.

 - Deployment practices.

 - Useful third party tools.

 - Using Bash, AppleScripts and Hooks.

 - Legacy solutions.

 - Installation.

 - Using EFI.


We have three tiers of support - Bronze, Silver and Gold. For full details, get in touch with us using the form below. Options include up to:

  • 12 onsite days per annum (1 per month).
  • 6 half day remote support sessions.
  • 20 third line support cases per year.
  • 10 third line support changes per year.
  • 12 package creations.

What can you expect?


A dedicated account manager.


Strategic guidance.


Jamf Pro Support from accredited Jamf professionals.


Assistance from UK’s leading Apple and Jamf reseller who has the experience of not only Apple estates but also Windows platforms and leading storage, servers and networks as well as creative and media and entertainment solutions.


Support services

"Every problem we've had, Jigsaw24 have come up with a solution for it. I'd definitely recommend them. No question."

Dave Stoddard, Systems Director, Total Merchandise

Why Jigsaw24?


We’ve deployed more licences of Jamf Pro and carried out more JumpStart training than any other company in the UK, so we have the scalability to assist with small or larger enterprise deployments - whatever you require!


Because we've been working with Jamf since 2009, and were one of the first companies in the UK to work with them, we have the most experienced team of engineers available to help you get the most our of your devices.

Apple expertise

Having provided Apple devices, solutions and services for over 25 years, our support team really understand how your devices will interact with Jamf Pro and your wider IT ecosystem, whether it's Windows or macOS-based.


Our UK datacentre offers redundant power and cooling to keep your drives in optimum condition, and in case of disaster we can deploy backups remotely to any workstation you want.

Predictable costs

A managed solution from Jigsaw24 lets you bypass hardware, setup, training and support costs, and puts no time demands on your team, freeing them up to concentrate on doing what they do best.

Some of our happy customers

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