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IBM Aspera

Accelerated file transfer and global cloud solutions.

IBM Aspera

Accelerated file transfer and global cloud solutions.

Accelerated file transfer

Enterprise-grade security

Supports block or object-based storage

Global content delivery

About Aspera

Aspera’s unique FASP technology means it can move files across your existing infrastructure and IP networks up to 1000 times faster, regardless of file size, your location or the quality of your connection. (It’ll encrypt your data, too.)

Aspera offer on-premise and cloud-based solutions to your file transfer problems, with support for all leading public cloud platforms, and an intuitive management system that includes user-friendly tools for file transfer, automation, synchronisation and streaming.

Jigsaw24 and Aspera

Aspera technology makes moving your on-premise data to the cloud faster, simpler and more reliable. This technology has powered several of our own solutions for remote workflows, colocation and virtualisation (more on them here). This means we’re ideally placed to help you integrate Aspera technology into your existing systems, either as a one-time solution or as a managed service.

Thinking about deploying Aspera? Ask about our Fast Start service, and find out how our team of IBM-accredited engineers can help you get up and running as quickly as possible, and maximise the value you get from Aspera over time.

Got an Aspera question?

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