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HP Z Series Workstations

The next generation of high-performance workstations: build your own right tool for your job

HP Z Series Workstations

The next generation of high-performance workstations: build your own right tool for your job

HP are our first choice when it comes to PCs. Not only do they make the world’s most powerful workstations, they’re a trusted hardware partner for creative applications including Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame and Avid Media Composer. As an HP Workstation Business Specialist, we’re committed to providing the most appropriate high-end technologies for demanding creative workflows. We can provide turnkey workstations configured for key applications, complete with pre-flight tests, upgrades and support.

HP products are highly customisable, with the widest range of CPU, RAM, internal storage and networking options available on any workstation. This gives you the scope to expand your workstation over time, adding upgrades or third party I/O. As well as bringing unprecedented choice to the workstation market, HP are a creative force themselves, offering innovative solutions for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, media and entertainment, VFX and general IT. Download our guide to find out more about our turnkey workstations.

Latest Intel CPU architectures.

Highly customisable hardware.

Range of form factors.

Built-in upgradability.

Extreme power density.

Supported platforms.

Meet the Z Series

Z2 Mini

The Z2 is one of the world’s most powerful entry-level workstations. Almost twice as powerful as rival miniature PCs, it can cram up to a 6-core Intel Xeon or Core X-Series processor, 32GB DDR4 memory, and up to 1.5TB of total storage into a slimline 2kg package. Plenty of PCIe slots and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity mean that it’s easy to make the Z2 the centre of a large workstation setup.


Z2 workstations come in two sizes: your traditional tower, and a small form factor, 5.7kg model for studios where space is at a premium. Capable of holding 16GB RAM and up to a terabyte of HDD storage, all of which works in conjunction with NVIDIA Quatro P500 graphics, the Z2 is an ideal entry level workstation for designers and architects.


HP’s best-seller, the Z4 has become a staple in creative workplaces across the world. Able to run Windows 10 Pro or HP Linux, the Z4 can be optimised for a range of different applications. It can support up to 18-core Intel Xeon W or Core X-Series processors, 256GB RAM, up to two SSD drives, up to four PCIe ZTurbo drives, or up to three traditional HDDs. Thunderbolt 3 connectivity ensures the fastest possible connection to your accessories, and there are plenty of PCIe expansion options.


With up to 44 Intel Xeon processors, 384GB of memory and 36TB storage, the Z6 is ideal for graphics-heavy work. Its capacity and extensibility mean that it’s a great option for expanding facilities, who need their workstations to be futureproof enough to take on higher resolution footage and more demanding projects as the business grows.


Ideal for 8K video editing, complex visualisations and simulations, the Z8 is HP’s most powerful workstation. A top-spec configuration can have 56 cores, 1.5TB of memory, 48TB of storage and three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards (it’ll also support some AMD cards). Whatever you throw at it, the Z8 offers realtime performance, low latency and phenomenal power.


Working on set? HP’s ZBook range of mobile workstations are some of the most powerful and versatile laptops available, with models qualified by Avid for use with their industry-leading creative applications. Top of the range models feature a 17” screen, up to 128GB memory*, 10TB storage – yes, on a laptop – and NVIDIA P5200 graphics.

*Available from December 2018

Z1 VR Backpack

Deliver fully immersive VR experiences with this wearable PC. The most powerful wearable on the market, the Z1 VR Backpack lets you strap yourself to six cores of processing power, 32GB RAM, 512GB of SSD storage and NVIDIA Quadro P5200 graphics in order to experience the ultimate in VR gameplay. And when you’re done, you can dock the Z1 to create a compact desktop PC.

Z displays

HP’s Z series displays are designed to deliver the colour accuracy and resolution you need. The Z31x DreamColour’s high-quality IPS panel supports true cinema 4K and boasts a contrast ratio of 1500:1. Alternatively, the Z27x G2 DreamColour supports QHD and 16:9, and can be calibrated independently.  

Services and support

HP Workstation Specialist

As a Workstation Business Specialist, we have the engineering expertise and stock you need to get the best performance from your core creative software.

Professional pre-flight services

Our pre-flight services include OS upgrades, software installation, hardware testing and configuration, and overall optimisation of your setup for your workflow.

Workstation support

Our engineers go above and beyond to support your workstation, with coverage that includes phone, email and remote support for core creative software and hardware.

"When speccing something up or venturing into something new, we will look to get advice from Jigsaw24. On their advice, we've used HP systems across the board for many years. Avid approve the workstations, so they're very stable and they're very robust."

Sam Linforth, Operations Manager, Splice

Want to know more?

For information on HP workflows or specific configurations, get in touch with the team on 03332 400 888 or email

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