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Unleash the power of front-line data for sales teams by digitising paper and manual processes


Unleash the power of front-line data for sales teams by digitising paper and manual processes

Ditch the paperwork

GoCanvas is an app that lets you build and fill out forms, invoices, orders, audits, estimates and more directly on mobile devices, so you can ditch your paperwork and move to a completely digital workflow. Once forms have been filled, you get a PDF of the completed results, before exporting for analysis. It’s trusted by thousands of companies, including Pepsi, Red Bull, IMAX, Toys R Us, Lendlease and The Cooperative.

In a nutshell...

Build and fill out forms, invoices, orders and more on your mobile device.

Save time and resources.

Work on nearly any device.

Connect with third party apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce and MS Excel.

Why does it matter?

Having to deal with paper and manual processes can be inefficient and time-consuming (forms, spreadsheets, out of date software and apps…). But GoCanvas lets you convert all of your paper forms and processes into GoCanvas Apps to revolutionise the way you work, cutting what could be taking hours a day down to just a few minutes.

What are the benefits?

Easily create your own mobile forms in minutes that work on pretty much any device, as well as customer-friendly PDFs with your logo, your colours and your brand - no coding required! 

Capture electronic signatures, photos, GPS coordinates and payments. Perform calculations, work online or offline and do even more than you could with paper forms and manual processes.

Instantly email data collected from forms to customers, colleagues and partners. Assign jobs with GoCanvas’s dispatch service, and handle approvals with mobile workflows and conditional logic.

Capture data easily and use analytics to identify trends and understand your business much faster and in greater detail so action can be taken.

Connect your data with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce, MS Excel and Evernote. Or take your information into other systems with the GoCanvas API.


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