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Industry-proven experts deploying NDI and other cutting-edge media technologies in highly demanding environments.


Industry-proven experts deploying NDI and other cutting-edge media technologies in highly demanding environments.

About Gallery

Founded in 1992, Gallery have developed more than 50 hardware and software products that are currently being used by 12,000 customers in over 50 countries. Since 2015, they have been developing innovative new products for the growing video over IP community.

They were the first third party company to start shipping products based on NewTek’s NDI protocol. Their range has since gone from strength to strength, becoming a dominant player in NDI development for workflows including news, sports, film, television, outside broadcast (OB) and cloud delivery workflows. 

Jigsaw24 and Gallery

Jigsaw24 and Gallery have a longstanding partnership. Together, we’ve delivered innovative projects covering a range of workflows, including news, soap operas and live sports. 

Our expertise and experience when it comes to networking and broadcast workflows mean we can provide a complete solution from specification through to installation, including ongoing support once a workflow is in place. As part of the global network of approved Sienna Cloud systems integrators, we can provide local installation, support and maintenance to ensure always-on operation of your entire Sienna Cloud for NDI network.

If you want to see first-hand how Gallery’s solutions can improve and augment your existing workflow, get in touch with the team to arrange an integrated demo featuring a selection of solutions tailored to your environment.

NDI processing tools

ND Processing Engine

ND Processing Engine is a modular solution that replaces your SDI glue rack modules, so that you can migrate from an SDI to NDI workflow. Processing Engine can take care of tasks like scaling, bug insertion, audio embedding and de-embedding, and more. It also supports unlimited flexible multiviewers, a fully integrated vision mixer, an AI Mix automated video follows audio controller, and a virtual camera crew for deriving PTZ regions of interest in locked off shots.

You can also choose between four, eight and 16-channel intercom modules compatible with NDI, DANTE, and AES67 devices, or use Processing Engine as a bridge between other IP video formats, with modules to perform tasks including AES67, RTP H.264/AAC Video/Audio stream conversion to NDI. 

Download the whitepaper to find out more or click to see the full feature list.

The best of the ND range

ND Router

If your team are used to working with ProBel and Blackmagic Design’s hardware routers, the switch to a software-based central router in an NDI workflow can be challenging. ND Router’s interface provides a 1:1 equivalent to the traditional SDI facility router, so everyone can use familiar controls and route NDI signals as if they were baseband ones.

ND Router is compatible with all NDI devices, plus TriCaster, TC1 and IP Series equipment, and scales smoothly from a small system to a massive routing matrix. Signals are remotely connected at the NDI endpoints – no video data flows through the ND Router, so the system has no bottlenecks, no single point of failure and will run on low-cost hardware. 

Download the whitepaper to find out more.

ND Router

ND Source and Outlet ranges

Combining ND Source and ND Outlet allows you to convert multiple channels of SDI and HDMI to NDI streams and back again in real time, with support for timecode conversion and embedded NDI HX support.

Conversion is done via your existing Blackmagic Design DeckLink hardware. By combining different ND Source and ND Outlet models, it’s easy to add extra channels as your setup grows – Source Multi and Outlet Multi both support up to eight channels, while Source Maxi can handle up to 32.

ND Source and ND Outlet are available for Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux (we recommend running Outlet on Linux where possible, as the Windows version is missing some features).

ND Source and Outlet

SIENNA Cloud for NDI

Sienna Cloud for NDI lets you develop a commercial or private NDI wide area network, with the option to deploy it on-premises to create a completely private NDI wide area network that doesn’t depend on the public internet.

Sienna Cloud Commercial gives multi-site organisations the flexibility and security they need. Connect remote locations across a private wide area network or via a VPN across the public internet, making direct point to point connections between your sites with no need to contact intermediate or third party servers.

Sienna Cloud for NDI can be scaled to connect any number of sites, allowing them to seamlessly share any or all of their NDI sources between locations in an always-on configuration. Communications can also include metadata, so you can integrate functions like remote PTZ control.

Download the whitepaper to find out more.

NDI WebLink

NDI WebLink bridges the gap between NDI/NDI HX video sources and web browsers so that they can decode your NDI streams to a low latency jpeg stream, or a super smooth HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) feed with embedded audio.

NDI WebLink allows viewing of NDI Video in any web browser on any device on your network. Simply launch the app and it automatically discovers the NDI Devices on your local area network (including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices). Users can select any NDI source to view NDI video with almost zero latency, or use HLS mode to stream video and audio.

NDI Monitor

This native Ubuntu Linux full-screen NDI Monitor runs smoothly on mini-PCs built around Intel chips, so there’s no need to introduce Windows 10 into an otherwise non-Windows environment purely for the purposes of monitoring. It's also possible to chain monitors together so multiple monitors can be linked to a master monitor and will follow source changes made on it. A dedicated web interface gives you remote control of your selected NDI source.

Since it uses the official NewTek Native NDI libraries, NDI Monitor offers 100% compatibility with NDI, NDI HX and future NDI updates and variations.

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