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With a name taken from the Japanese word for image, EIZO create colour-accurate monitors for demanding professional workflows.


With a name taken from the Japanese word for image, EIZO create colour-accurate monitors for demanding professional workflows.


EIZO develop and produce high-quality monitors. Since 1968, they have been trusted by a range of professionals who demand precision, image fidelity and reliability but don’t want to compromise on cost.

Now used in a range of industries – from creative and healthcare to air traffic control and surveillance, EIZO’s product catalogue covers everything from standard desktop screens to colour-accurate HDR monitors.

Their ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 has been certified by Dolby for use in Dolby Vision grading and QC workflows, while designers love their self-calibrating monitor range, which makes it quick and easy to make sure everyone’s monitors are all working to the same colour standard.

The EIZO FelxScan monitors in an office

Jigsaw24 and EIZO

We’ve been working with EIZO to upgrade our customers’ workflows to accommodate HDR for almost 10 years. As an EIZO reseller and Dolby workflow specialist, we can help you develop HDR workflows (or workflows that combine SDR and HDR grading, and QC in a single pipeline). We also provide colour-accurate display solutions for design and marketing agencies, so you can ensure print and digital work is always on brand. We can even calibrate your monitors for you to any colour space you require.

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Industries EIZO supports


Three EIZO monitors meet the demands of the creative industry, guaranteeing precise and undistorted views of digital files – ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146, ColorEdgeCG319X and ColorEdge CS2420.

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is EIZO’s flagship self-calibrating HDR monitor and the successor to the celebrated CG3145, which was the first HDR monitor in the world to have its HDR and SDR reproducibility awarded by the German Broadcast Technology Institute. It also boasts tight integration with LightSpaceCMS that goes beyond traditional primary adjustments to include LUT upload.

The self-calibrating ColorEdge CG319X is equipped with hybrid log gamma (HLG) and the perceptual quantisation (PQ) curve – HDR colour profiles favoured by the BBC and Netflix. It faithfully reproduces 98% of the DCI-P3 standard and has the requisite high contrast ratio of 1500:1, delivering superior blacks to other LCD monitors, even when viewed at an angle. Safe Area Markers, Aspect Markers and ‘Out of Gamut’ warnings all work together to simplify editing, grading and QC of video footage.

The ColorEdge CS2420 wide gamut image editing monitor meets the demands of the creative industry, guaranteeing precise and undistorted views of digital files. Thanks to its EIZO microprocessor, exact calibration, 16:10 aspect ratio and sleek, user-friendly design, the ColorEdge CS2420 makes creating and editing digital illustrations and photography a joy. Along with a pre-calibrated gamma level and uniformity from corner to corner, it also has an IPS panel with a wide colour gamut, supporting 99% of Adobe RGB.

The ColorEdge CS rangeoffers more colour, clarity and uniformity with 99% Adobe RGB gamut, Digital Uniformity Equaliser and smooth colour gradation. A 10-bit colour representation means you can enjoy a huge gamut of one billion colours for finer colour gradients. A wider gamut also delivers vivid colour on-screen for fewer print surprises.

The EIZO CG3146 and EIZO CG279X monitors


EIZO’s FlexScan EV3895 feature-packed monitor is helping businesses cut costs and deliver more for improved efficiencies and productivity.

Cut costs
The FlexScan range boasts a number of cost-efficient and energy-saving features such as bulk configuration capabilities and ultra-low power usage wrapped in a market-leading five-year warranty to help lower the total cost of ownership.

Deliver more
When it comes to user experience, an adjustable stand and features such as Auto EcoView – which automatically selects the best contrast, brightness and colour settings – ensure every user’s setup is ergonomic and safe. The FlexScan 3840 x 1600 resolution (UWQHD+) also provides almost three times the resolution of a Full-HD monitor and the generous screen area means there’s plenty of space to run multiple applications, with no need for additional monitors. Despite its large screen, the slimline design fits every workspace thanks to its almost frameless design.


The EIZO FlexScan monitor


With the lowest failure rates in the industry and a minimum five-year warranty as standard, EIZO FlexScan monitors are the perfect office solution and the ideal general cart monitor for NHS trusts and non-clinical applications. Features like 1mm bezels provide a more usable screen area, while free management software enables IT teams to remotely set policies and assess use, reducing the need for onsite support. EIZO have more than 20 years’ healthcare experience; their FlexScan monitors are designed with specific healthcare needs in mind and certified for use with all common cleaning chemicals.

Users also benefit from flicker-free, anti-reflective screens that emit low blue light emissions. Other ergonomic features include highly adjustable stands that ensure users are comfortable and help prevent eye strain and headaches.

The EIZO FlexScan range is also a great long-term investment for finance departments with constrained budgets, providing a considerably longer service life than conventional models for lower total cost of ownership benefits. Leasing options are budget friendly, too.

The EIZO RadiForce monitors

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