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Defining the sound of cinema and home entertainment for over 50 years, Dolby are the world leaders in sound for picture. 


Defining the sound of cinema and home entertainment for over 50 years, Dolby are the world leaders in sound for picture. 

About Dolby

For over 50 years, Dolby have been transforming the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences. They’ve been responsible for some of the most impressive breakthroughs in audio technology – most recently Dolby Vision and Atmos – that impact artists, businesses and consumers worldwide.


Dolby and Jigsaw24

Dolby Atmos is everywhere right now: in the best cinemas; at the heart of Amazon’s latest smart speakers; built into consoles, televisions and even iPhone. As an official Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite Dealer, we can provide all the hardware you need for mastering Atmos mixes. We’ve also got all the monitors, I/O and calibration tools you need to get your room certified by Dolby, and can design, install and support studios for Atmos tracklay, pre-mix, mastering and QC.

When it comes to Dolby Vision, our team includes some of the most experienced post engineers in the business. We can help you find end to end solutions for capturing, grading and delivering in HDR – even when you need to deliver an SDR cut simultaneously. We work with key partners like Dolby, EIZO and Leader to provide everything you need to get perfect HDR images offline, online and during QC.

Want to see any of our Atmos solutions live? Head to our Soho experience centre for a hands-on demo.

What is the ‘Dolby Difference’?

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos delivers 3D audio with greater range and precision than ever before. Combining the clarity, richness, detail and depth you’d expect from a Dolby mix with precise audio tracking and a new sense of height, Dolby Atmos places the listener at the heart of the action.

Atmos places sounds around a 3D environment rather than constraining them to channels, leading to more natural movement, more realistic overhead sound reproduction, and deeper immersion for the end user. This has led to it being adopted in theatres across the globe. It’s also supported by OTT services including iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Vudu.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Vision

Available in different iterations for mobile, home viewing and cinema, Dolby Vision (also known as Dolby PQ) has risen to become the dominant standard for HDR display, integrated with a wide range of home entertainment devices. It’s also supported by services like Apple TV+ and Netflix, as well as in theatres and on Blu-ray.

Dolby’s unique colour technology dramatically expands the colour palette and contrast range, and uses dynamic metadata to automatically optimise the picture for every screen – frame by frame.

Dolby Vision

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