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A complete comprehensive and affordable toolkit for long-distance signal switching and distribution, with none of the latency and compression inherent in IP solutions.


A complete comprehensive and affordable toolkit for long-distance signal switching and distribution, with none of the latency and compression inherent in IP solutions.

Why Barnfind?

Barnfind provide broadcast signal conversion, long distance extension and routing parts, all with near-zero latency and no compression. The core of their offering is, essentially, a data agnostic router that can handle both broadcast signals (SDI, HDMI, MADI, AES) and data ones (Ethernet, Fibre Channel). They use Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) to pack multiple signals into a single Fibre line, reducing your infrastructure costs and increasing the reach of your cables to tens of kilometres.

Barnfind are present in a range of industries, including film, TV, air traffic control and sports. Their devices are designed to save customers rack space, power and money. By using standard SFP transceivers, they’ve managed to reduce the cost of their solutions to around half that of their competitors, while still being able to transport compressed and uncompressed media bi-directionally and with no delay. 

Jigsaw24 and Barnfind

In Soho, we worked with Barnfind to implement the largest distributed, uncompressed 4K grading network, which allows several leading London facilities to connect their grading suites to a large viewing theatre and grade remotely. We’ve also provided Barnfind solutions to several Premier League football clubs and digital cinema distribution companies, both in the UK and abroad.

Whatever your workflow, our infrastructure experts are ready to help you design and implement Barnfind-driven systems, so you can enjoy low latency, uncompressed 4K over 10 gigabit Ethernet or Fibre. It's also a key part of our Via24 services for colocation, collaboration and remote working - find out more here

The Barnfind range


BarnOne is a uniquely robust and compact 32x32 router for all your Fibre transport needs. Barnfind designed their platform to be compatible with any MSA-compatible SFP, so you’re not locked into a single vendor’s expensive, proprietary technology. And their solutions are uniquely flexible, as you can portion up the router and assign different switch types to each section. Formats supported include KVM, SDTI, SMPTE 2022-6, MADI, SDI to IP, Ethernet, 4K 60p, HDMI, DVI, Serial, GPI/O, CVBS and CAM-CCU, all of which can be routed on the same frame. 

BarnOne boasts world-class redundancy handling, with the ability to auto-switch to any chosen input. And all this is compressed into a single 1U unit – far smaller than any comparable solution on the market. Other key features include:

Other key features include:

Hot-swappable optics.

Any signal can be routed to any output, then distributed, converted, monitored and analysed.

Every SFP port is bi-directional and every BNC port is input or output selectable.

Unique double CWDM capacity thanks to Barnfind’s HiLo system.

Works with most third party control systems.


The initial BarnMini was a compact, reliable Fibre to optical convertor. Over time, Barnfind have expanded the range and now there’s a BarnMini for virtually any signal conversion process you can think of – it’s Barnfind’s equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

The key to BarnMini’s success is that, unlike other convertors, it allows you to connect any MSA-compatible SFP to extend the convertors’ functionality as your needs change. It’s also known for being incredibly reliable, maintaining your signal path without the need for any maintenance of its own. BarnMini convertors can be used as standalone boxes, combined with BarnOne systems, or used as part of third party solutions.

Other key features include:

Handles SDTI signals from EVS and others.

All BNCs and SFPs are re-clocked.

Multimode to single mode Fibre conversion can be done in one device.

The BarnFind Housing option gives you access to 16 different convertors in just 2.5U.

All BarnMini modules are operational from 5V to 24V.

Warranty included as standard.

Optical products

Barnfind’s LGX series is a range of passive optical products that can act as standalone modules or be combined in a 1U unit which holds four modules. You can choose from a range of different CWDM multiplexers, splitters and optical changeover switches, all of which are secured with a thumbscrew for easy and quick replacement.

As well as working seamlessly with BarnOne systems, LGX modules can function as standalone units in third party systems that follow the international ITU-T G.694.2 standard.

Barnfind LGX

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