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Centralised media services

MediaCentral Platform is the architecture which underpins all Avid services, and is built into the framework of most Avid products. With MediaCentral, all media services are centralised, enabling users to access, share and interact with media stored and managed by products connected to the platform. Avid break down MediaCentral Platform into four key components, which we’ve included below...

In a nutshell...


Support from one of the only two Avid Elite resellers in the UK


Support services available via phone, email, remote or onsite.


Bespoke contracts tailored to your requirements and in-house capabilities

Media Services Search across your entire network. Media playback on any device. Share assets in any format.

Connectivity Toolkit Tie third parties into the workflow. Share data across systems. Real-time monitoring.

Orchestration Engine Workflow and process automation. Flexible resource allocation. Data-driven decision making.

User Administration and Configuration Single sign-on. Role-based access. Centralised system management.


MediaCentral | UX

MediaCentral | UX works with Media Composer, Media Composer | Cloud, Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM, iNEWS and third-party solutions, enabling all team members to work together without being in the same place. Users can search for and play back clips, log and create sequences, drop markers, make notes, send messages, collaborate and edit projects everywhere, monitor and mix audio, and more.

Interplay Integration

Avid’s MediaCentral | UX Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud’s Premiere Pro allows Adobe editors to connect with Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM, then collaborate locally and remotely with Avid editors. The MediaCentral | UX Connector also enables users to access the platform through a panel in Premiere Pro to browse, search for, access, and import clips and sequences from Interplay for editing. Editors can also export rendered sequences back to Interplay, providing a complete workflow.

Avid’s optional Customizable Logger (where you can design and create custom logging panes and pane templates, and enhance metadata content for a wide variety of productions) can even be used with Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM managed assets. Users can also deliver content sourced from Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM to multiple web, mobile, and social channels thanks to direct integration with Media | Distribute, accessible through MediaCentral | UX.

Adobe Integration

MediaCentral | UX connector is available for Adobe Creative Cloud’s Premiere Pro too. It lets Adobe users connect with Avid’s production environment through MediaCentral, allowing them to collaborate with others more than ever – they can even share tools to fit their workflow requirements and budget needs, search for media assets using the central Media | Index, chat with other MediaCentral | UX users, navigate database hierarchies, and see, add and modify metadata.


We’re Avid Elite resellers, one of only two in the UK, fully accredited for audio, video and storage and have Avid Certified Support Representative staff ready to help. We’re equipped to facilitate entire media production workflow solutions like MediaCentral, Interplay, iNEWS, NEXIS, Media Composer and Pro Tools | S6 for medium and large sized post houses, universities with broadcast departments and EMG organisations thanks to years of experience with Avid, Apple and HP.


We provide extensive end-to-end support, tailoring each bespoke contract to your requirements and in-house capabilities, and we’ll replace key components if and when you need it. Our broad support services are available via phone, email, remote or onsite. As part of our SLA, you’re guaranteed response and break-fix times, emergency replacements and regular ‘health checks’ to spot problems before they arise.


As workflow specialists for post-production, we’ve partnered up with lots of post-production companies, television stations and universities over the years to install and integrate Avid post solutions. Our Avid MediaCentral customers include Timeline TV, NottsTV and Kingston University.

Backup and archiving

Spectra Logic

Leveraging the Black Pearl deep storage gateway from Spectra Logic, Avid Interplay users can archive data directly to LTO tape, allowing long-term archiving that is easily accessible. This previously unavailable option integrates easily into existing standard workflows, and allows organisations to store their assets indefinitely for only pennies per gigabyte.


The Parking software suite from Marquis enables users to effectively manage media and projects within their Avid storage environment. The archiving tool, Project Parking, simplifies this process by automatically selecting all media files associated with a project across multiple workspaces, and then copies them to a nearline store or archive.

Project Parking solves the issue of backing up media assets stored on Avid NEXIS. Not only does it keep files together, saving users from wasting time finding all their edit components, it allows the contents of all workspaces to be replicated in a second location on a schedule, and can be used to keep workspaces in sync across multiple NEXIS systems.

"Jigsaw24’s ongoing consultancy and support continues to help us design the solutions we need to turn in projects on time, on budget and to the standard our clients expect."

Timeline TV


Avid Interplay | Production Facilities Starter Bundle

Includes: Interplay | Production software, 5x MediaCentral | UX base Licensea, 3x Media Composer licences and NEXIS | E4 20TB engine, all with one year support, plus installation and workflow analysis from our team. 

£39,300 ex VAT(£47,160 inc VAT)

Avid Interplay | Production Facilities Bundle

Includes: Interplay | Production Engine. 10x MediaCentral | UX base licenses, 4x Media Composer licenses, Media Composer | Cloud Option, Media Composer with Symphony licence and NEXIS | E4 60TB Engine, all with one year support. 

£70,900 ex VAT(£85,080 inc VAT)

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