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Apple for business

Empowering employees (and making sure they can never escape email).

Apple for business

Empowering employees (and making sure they can never escape email).

Looking to implement Apple in your business?

Apple have traditionally been associated with creatives, but thanks to productivity-enhancing mobile devices and powerful, reliable desktop machines, they’re finally getting the traction they deserve in enterprise. We’re committed to partnering with organisations to develop great iPhone, iPad and Mac solutions that empower employees and drive down costs without making life hell for technical teams. Take a look around to find out more about our services...

In a nutshell...

Get powerful, secure notebook and desktop computers that'll help reduce your total cost of ownership with Mac.

Boost productivity and mobility while improving employee satisfaction with iPad for business.

Roll out iPhone in your business for the best mobile platform and business apps, and increased productivity.


Mac for business

Mac is a powerful, secure and flexible system for your business. From sending emails and scheduling right through to creating stunning business presentations and documents, Mac lets users do everything they need right out of the box.

Whatever your business environment and needs, the Mac lineup has an option to fit the bill. From notebooks with all-day battery life to powerful desktop computers, every Mac is built to give you smoother graphics, faster storage, and great all-round performance. The macOS operating system is fantastically intuitive and easy to use, and has tons of features built in to save time and give you better results.

Mac for business

Reduced support and running costs

Macs are far easier to self-service than PCs, so if minor issues crop up, users are often able to fix the problem themselves. IBM say only 5% of their Mac users need helpdesk support, compared to 40% of their PC users. This saves on time, manpower and operational costs, and leaves your IT team free to get on with more complicated tasks.

Because Apple make both the hardware and operating system, they’re both designed to work together to save energy. In fact, Apple are the only manufacturer whose entire desktop and notebook range meet EPA’s ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold standards for better energy usage. 

Mac for business

Fewer viruses and malware

Mac computers are built on a UNIX foundation which makes them virtually virus and spyware-free, and saves you time and money on IT support. Their advanced built-in security measures also include app-based firewalls, VPN clients, strong encryption tools and integrated internet security.

Mac for business

Seamless Windows integration

You get native support for both Apple and Windows-based networks, so you can use your existing PC environments without any compatibility issues, and get support for Microsoft Exchange Server out of the box. You can also run Windows on a Mac, so your end users can get all their familiar Windows tools on an Apple machine, and employees can get the most out of software.

Mac for business

Residual value and cheaper upgrades

Mac has an excellent reputation when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO). Apple’s software gets regular operating system (macOS) and productivity software (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) updates for free, and the hardware itself is as resilient and hard-wearing as it is good looking.

Mac for business


iPad for business

iPad for business

From the boardroom to the server room, iPad is designed to deliver everything business users need to do their best work. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features and rock-solid stability, iPad provides the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways.

From an end user point of view, iPad is incredibly easy to use, and has a far smaller learning curve than a laptop or PC, meaning less disgruntled end users and fewer calls to the IT team. 

iPad for business

Collaboration and improved customer experience

With FaceTime included and a range of conferencing apps available, iPad makes it easy for on-the-road employees to check in with the office, attend key meetings and presentations, or even present remotely. There are also plenty of collaborative tools included, from scheduling tools to the iCloud backup service, which allows you to share content seamlessly between devices and locations. 

With an increasing number of service desk apps available on iPad, it’s easier than ever for staff to access customer records, carry out more comprehensive CRM and respond more quickly to queries, from wherever they are.

iPad for business

Four levels of security

iPad has four types of security: device (including passcode, timeout periods and device restrictions such as app downloading); network (secure WiFi and cellular access, and integration with a broad range of VPN technologies for protecting sensitive information); data (built-in hardware encryption using AES 256-bit encoding for preventing data being accessed when the device is locked); and platform (all apps are put under the microscope and ‘sandboxed’, stopping them accessing data in other applications).

iPad for business

Managed, secured, backed up

When it comes to admin, there are an increasing number of mobile device management solutions available that will make it easy for your team to manage, sync, enforce security protocol, back up or even wipe sensitive data on mobile devices.

iPad for business

Employee satisfaction

While there’s no denying that apps play a big part in driving productivity on iPad, the simple fact is that workers are more likely to engage with a device that’s fun, simple to use, easy to customise and that they feel real ownership over – all of which iPad delivers in spades. iPad helps boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction (who doesn’t enjoy using an iPad?), without making things too complex for your IT team, which in turn improves all-round employee retention.


iPhone for business

iPhone has been making serious waves in the world of business recently, thanks to big benefits including iOS’s tight security, productivity features and apps, as well as the desirability factor of the hardware.

If you’re ready to go down the same route in deploying iPhone in your own business, we can help you buy iPhone outright, rather than having to be tied to a carrier with set usage allowances. We’re an Apple expert, with experience rolling out thousands of iPhone to business, as well as having our own in-house app development, repairs and solutions teams. Find out more about iPhone for business and our iPhone services below.

iPhone for business

Platform and apps

On top of being beautifully designed, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is also incredibly simple to use. Built-in communication features such as iMessage, FaceTime and Mail help you keep in contact with clients and colleagues wherever you are, AirPlay lets you present from anywhere, all while Touch ID lets you safeguard your critical data with just a fingerprint.

As well as communication apps, every iPhone comes with a powerful set of apps that are great for business built right in, such as Calendar, Contacts and Maps. The App Store is also home to thousands of apps that are designed specifically for business, from analysis apps to productivity apps, and we even have an in-house team who have experience developing apps for businesses, including sales tools and more, so can tailor an app specifically to your business needs.

iPhone for business

Device integration

One of the biggest benefits of iPhone for business is how it works within Apple’s ecosystem, syncing with Mac and iPad. Continuity features include Handoff, which lets you start a document, email, or message on one device and pick up where you left off on another device. So whether your employees are also using Mac notebooks, iPad or Apple Watch along with their iPhone, all their content and data can be synced between all Apple devices, for a seamless workflow.

iPhone for business

Systems integration

With iPhone, you never have to be away from your business systems. Most business applications (such as CRM, ERP, analytics and more) now integrate very well with iOS, so your employees can log into key systems and carry on working while they’re away from their desks. iPhone’s built-in support for key enterprise tech means it will almost always fit in with your existing infrastructure.

iPhone for business

Fast deployment

Rolling out iPhone to your business is quick and simple, letting IT teams deploy with zero touch, whether they’re managing corporate-owned or BYOD devices. Because the setup process is so simple, employees can get up and running and accessing all your corporate services straight away. Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) also lets IT teams automate MDM enrolment for corporate-owned devices, wirelessly configuring and supervising devices while also automating and locking MDM enrolment.

iPhone for business

What can we do?

One-stop Apple

We offer the full Apple portfolio including Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple services, so you needn’t go anywhere else! We also offer next day delivery across the full Apple range.

Mac/PC integration

We can help manage all your desktops using a single system, reducing costs and ensuring Windows permissions are carried over, and deliver managed Windows environments to Mac.

Support and repairs

Our in-house team provide tech support, from phone advice to a completely managed service. We offer accredited repairs (and they’re completely free in warranty!).

Smooth deployment

We can deploy devices to your premises or to employees’ homes, whether it's one or 1000. We help with every stage, from supply to configuration, installation, training and support.

Mobile device management

We offer multi-platform mobile device management (MDM), integration with Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP), BYOD schemes, and even MDM as a managed service.

Finance and leasing

If you don’t want to commit upfront, we offer great leasing options to spread the cost over 12, 24 or 36 months. We can also provide credit to spread the cost of paying for your Apple investment.

Want to know more about Apple in business?

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