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Amulet Hotkey

Flexibility and scalability for your workstation and desktop infrastructure.

Amulet Hotkey

Flexibility and scalability for your workstation and desktop infrastructure.

About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey develop innovative, intuitive remote KVM and PC over IP solutions. They made their name delivering secure remote solutions for finance, the military and the media industries, and now offer a range of flexible, scalable solutions for connecting to physical and virtual workstations, high performance computing systems, and virtual and cloud-hosted desktops. 

Amulet Hotkey solutions are designed to work in mission-critical environments, so can be relied upon to keep working in the most demanding circumstances. And, in the event that something does go wrong, they’ll provide world-class support.

Amulet Hotkey and Jigsaw24

We’ve been in a solid partnership with Amulet Hotkey for years now, and together we’ve delivered hundreds of remote end points into a variety of industries, workflows and environments. As more and more businesses move their IT operations into the cloud, Amulet Hotkey solutions are a key enabler of hybrid and cloud-first approaches to delivery.

For example, Amulet Hotkey workflows are a core part of our Via24 services, which enable colocation, remote working and collaboration between users and resources on-premises, in datacentres, or at other facilities. Find out more about how Via24 can help you here.

Zero clients

Secure zero clients

Amulet Hotkey’s zero clients replace desktops, laptops and thin clients with a single lightweight piece of hardware that can be used to connect to remote workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktops or desktops hosted in the cloud.

The zero client is connected to a normal keyboard, mouse and display, so the end user has the same experience as they would using a desktop, but they’re connecting to a remote desktop and applications over IP. However, because the zero client decodes the remote display protocol using hardware, there are significant benefits for IT teams.

A key aspect of a zero client is the ability to decode a remote display protocol in hardware, a simple statement that has significant benefits for enterprise IT and users. PCoIP zero clients use purpose-built silicon to take PCoIP protocol traffic coming in the network port, perform a simple decode of PCoIP protocol in hardware and then provide display, USB and audio out.

Diagram of Amulet Hotkey's zero client solution

Dual display zero clients

The Amulet Hotkey DXZC is a Tera2 PCoIP zero client designed for mission-critical applications. It supports two video heads, full duplex stereo audio, dual DisplayPort video outputs and four USB 2.0 sockets.

The DXZC uses AES-256 encryption for the highest levels of security. It can decode encrypted pixel data sent from a remote PCoIP host, and can manage local USB devices. The DXZC’s low noise and heat signature, uncompromised performance and lossless graphics make it the ideal zero client for post-production environments. 

Download the datasheet for the full specifications.

Image of the Amulet Hotkey DXZC

Quad display zero client

Amulet Hotkey’s DXZ4 zero clients combine reliability with built-in redundancy features that guarantee smooth operation in critical environments. Key features include redundant network interfaces, locking power cables, passive cooling and EMI shielding.

Amulet Hotkey’s longstanding commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing means they can maintain more stringent quality control than competing solutions. The DXZ4 range is built to last, from its core PCB, to its thermal and EMI design, to the packaging and system architecture. And because they know every element of their hardware, Amulet are able to provide an enhanced level of quality and technical support. 

Download the datasheet to learn more.

Image of the Amulet Hotkey DXZ4

Internal remote workstation cards

Diagram of Amulet Hotkey's KVM extenders solution

Internal remote workstation cards

Amulet Hotkey’s KVM extenders make it easy to provide remote access for any PC or workstation. Simply plug the KVM extender remote workstation host or PCIe card into the PC or workstation, connect it to the network, and then the workstation will be available to any remote access client on the network. This simple process remains the same whether you are connecting from home, the other side of the office or the other side of the Atlantic.

Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender solutions use technology based on Teradici’s industry-standard PCoIP remote display protocol, so you can count on them to deliver high performance, even with the most graphically demanding applications. Download the datasheet to find out more.

Image of the DXL2

DXL2 dual display remote workstation card

The DXL2 is a half-height, half-length, passively cooled PCIe card that can be used to provide remote access to any workstation. It supports dual displays, and can be used with any GPU with digital video output, from consumer NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs to the highest performance professional NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro cards.

Download the datasheet to find out more.

Image of the DXH4

DXH4 quad display remote workstation card

The DXH4 is a uniquely compact, low-profile solution to provide remote access to your workstation. The DXH4 can fit into small PCIe slots, meaning you can conserve your large PCIe slots for GPUs, NVMe storage or other cards. With support for quad display, the DXH4 can be used with any GPU with digital outputs, from consumer NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs to the highest performance professional NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro cards.

Download the datasheet to find our more.  

External remote workstation cards

External remote workstation cards

For situations where installing KVM extenders in individual workstations isn’t feasible, Amulet Hotkey offer high-density rackmount KVM extenders. We recommend their DXR-H4 KVM Extender, which provides a non-intrusive remoting solution for workstations with demanding security and graphics requirements.

Diagram of Amulet Hotkey's KVM extender solution

DXiP rack chassis

If you want to rackmount clusters of KVM extender cards or secure zero client cards, Amulet Hotkey offer their own 3U closure, the DXiP rack chassis. With the same high build quality as the rest of Amulet Hotkey’s hardware, it’s designed to deliver high availability performance and uncompromising data security.

Image of the DXiP rack chassis

DXR-H4 KVM extender host card

The DXR-H4 KVM extender is based on KVM-over-IP technology using an industry-standard and widely-proven PCoIP protocol. It’s designed to deliver remote connectivity for PCs, laptops, workstations and closed systems that cannot have PCIe cards or remote access software installed.

With no drivers or software required on the host workstation, the DXT-H4 can provide remote access for any PC or workstation (Windows, Linux, Mac) with digital video outputs, USB keyboard/mouse inputs and stereo audio output/microphone inputs. Download the datasheet to see the full specification

Image of the DXR-H4 KVM extender host card


The Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 is a quad display KVM extender host based on KVM-over-IP technology using the industry standard PCoIP protocol. The DXT-H4 enables secure, high-performance remote access for any workstation, laptop, closed system or legacy PC that has digital video ports.

The DXt-H4 seamlessly integrates any computer or closed system into a VMware Horizon or Leostream environment, including macOS, Windows 10 and Linux machines, allowing for either secure collaboration between team members or secure isolation of a single workstation so you can meet your clients' strictest security demands. 

Download the datasheet for more details.   

Image of the DXT-H4

Connection brokers and managers

Diagram of connection brokers in a Amulet Hotkey workflow

Connection brokers

Connection brokers manage pools of physical and virtual resources, such as remote desktops. In an Amulet Hotkey workflow, the connection broker manages the connection of end users to their desktops and applications, whether they’re connecting to an on-premises datacentre, a cloud service, or across a hybrid environment. It allows administrators to deploy and manage desktops, and establish access rules, all from a single-pane-of-glass interface.

Leostream logo

Leostream Connection Broker

Leostream are a vendor-independent connection management platform. The Leostream Connection Broker lies at the heart of any hosted desktop deployment, and is the key component for provisioning resources in the cloud, assigning and connecting end users to resources, and managing the end user’s remote session. The Connection Broker provides end users with consistent, reliable access to desktops hosted in a variety of on-premises and public cloud platforms, from a wide range of client devices.

Teradici logo

Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager

Teradici’s software-based PCoIP tools are used by several major manufacturers, including Microsoft and Avid. By deploying their PCoIP Connection Manager and the PCoIP Security Gateway as a pair, you enable PCoIP clients and PCoIP agents to establish remote desktop connections. The Connection Manager works with a connection broker (either Teradici’s own or a third party’s like Leostream’s) to authenticate the user and query the desktop and applications. The PCoIP Security Gateway enables WAN users to securely access their remote desktops via the internet without setting up a VPN connection.

Diagram of the Leostream Gateway solution

Leostream Gateway

Placing a Leostream Gateway server in your DMZ allows end users to connect securely to your network without the need for a VPN. When a user wants to access your servers, they use their home network to connect to a Leostream Gateway, the IP address of which is public. Once they’ve entered their credentials, Gateway will verify the user’s identity and permissions before giving them secure access to your private network, where the connection broker takes over, giving them access to the media, virtualised hardware and other resources as if they were in the building.

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