Save costs by replacing pilots’ flight bags with this state of the art documentation and mobility solution

Developed with pilots in mind

Acacus is a state of the art documentation and mobility solution developed from the ground up with the specific needs of pilots in mind. An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), it lets pilots digitise their paper-based workflows, with digital flight manifestos, seamless access to Flight Crew Operation Manuals (FCOMs), airline documentation, flight briefing documentation, announcements and more. Acacus is currently used by a number of international airlines including, Etihad, airberlin, Air Seychelles, Air Serbia and Alitalia.

In a nutshell...


State of the art documentation and mobility solution for pilots.


Reduces need for paper documents, saving weight and costs.


Keep track of who is accessing which documents.


Ensure all documentation is always up to date and compliant.

Why does it matter?

By replacing pilots’ flight bags with Acacus’s custom tools, not only do you simplify the information that pilots regularly require, but there is also a significant cost and weight saving in having everything you need in one solution, rather than a heavy flight bag full of paper documents. Pilots receive quickly synchronised documentation based on their aircraft type, rostered destination or other grouping, and a back-end tool lets teams schedule, manage and tag documentation for distribution.

What are the benefits?

Easy to use interface displaying all pilot-related announcements, weather feeds up to date for specific destinations, and all synchronised documents.

Flight Crew Operational Manuals (FCOM) and any documentation published by the airline for pilot viewing can be accessed, viewed, bookmarked and annotated.

Documentation status and versions on any device can be viewed by compliance officials at any time to ensure documentation is up to date.

Pilots can access incident forms required by the airline, fill them out and submit them – when offline, submitted forms are cached until an internet connection is established.

Airlines can customise the EFB app by adding links to sites that pilots are frequently required to access, with the ability to be configured for single sign-on access.

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