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Top picks for on-location: PROMISE Pegasus R4i and J2i

When you’re working on location, the downsides of external drives suddenly become apparent. They’re loud. They’re easy to lose or damage. It’s terrifyingly easy to trip over a wire and accidentally disconnect them. That’s why PROMISE have launched the R4i and J2i, available exclusively from Jigsaw24.

Liz Sunter

These two internal modules are designed to slot into your 2019 Mac Pro with minimal fuss. They both add multiple 8TB HDDs to your Mac’s local, internal storage, removing the need for external drives.


The R is for RAID

The R4i is a full height MPX module that houses four 8TB HDDs, giving you a total capacity of 32TB. The disks arrive configured in RAID 5, giving you 24TB of usable capacity, but you can switch to RAID 0, 1, 6 or 10 according to your capacity/redundancy needs.

Because the R4i is housed in a MPX unit and the drives are all pre-configured, there’s no cabling required to set this drive up – just slot it into your Mac Pro’s MPX slot, then fire up the PROMISE Utility app to tweak settings, monitor usage and change your RAID configuration.

Once connected, PROMISE say the four drives promise read/write speeds up to 680MBps in RAID 5. Early reviews suggest it does deliver, even in the wild, which means it’s fast enough to keep up with 4K UHD editing workflows. It’s also reported to be much quieter than an external unit.

If you want to see (and hear) those numbers for yourself, get in touch with the team to book a live demo in our Soho experience centre.

Already convinced? You can buy yourself a PROMISE Pegasus P4i here for £1857.50 (£2229 inc VAT).


Too much? Try the J2i

32TB is, admittedly, a lot. If your internal storage requirements (and budget) are trending lower, start off with the J2i.

This unit ships with a single 8TB 7200RPM drive, but has a second slot so that you can double your storage capacity later if needed. It’s marginally more complicated to install than the R4i – you have to remove the top panel of your Mac Pro and connect the SATA drive to the internal port of your Mac Pro. But all the cabling you need is included, and as the Mac Pro is designed to be modular, it’s a matter of minutes to get the J2i up and running.

Because the drive connects over SATA, it’s limited to 6Gbps read/write speed, but if you’re not working with hi-res, high-resolution footage and just want the comfort of extra storage capacity without the need for external drives, the J2i will serve you well.

Again, if you want to see the J2i in action, get in touch with the team to book a live demo in our Soho experience centre. Alternatively, get your own for just £308.29 (£369.95 inc VAT).


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