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The top 5 benefits of Vectorworks Service Select

Making sure your software is up to date can be a pain - particularly when that means keeping track of different versions, having to fork out every time a new upgrade is released, and then being forced to take a crash course on new features. Thankfully, with Service Select from Nemetschek, staying on top of your Vectorworks software has become more affordable (and a lot easier).

Officially, it's labelled as "a new and exclusive way of helping you maximise your investment in Vectorworks," with an eye for making sure customers get the best upgrade price possible as well as a heap of other resources, such as priority tech support. But what exactly does that mean? In the spirit of making life easy, we've decided to put Service Select through its paces and run you through the top 5 benefits of the Vectorworks programme.

1. Free upgrades

As far as keeping up with the Joneses is concerned (or rather making sure you have the tools to work on projects with colleagues), having the latest version of an application is vital. VSS makes this much more affordable. Rather than paying for upgrades as and when they are released, you automatically get any updated versions (including service packs) released during the term of your agreement - for free. This guarantees that you are always using the most up-to-date tools while saving money, as VSS is more cost-effective than the standard upgrade route.

2. Free premium support

Nobody likes a queue jumper - that is, unless they're the one doing the jumping. It's not strictly the same thing but, with VSS, anyone in need of tech support is able to skip the main Vectorworks tech support queue and get their call dealt with first by using the Service Select telephone number. Again, the key word here is free - as long as you're giving them a call during the length of the agreement. There's also a dedicated email address for any general enquiries, and for larger problems, VSS offers its members remote support, which lets the Vectorworks team diagnose any problems by remotely accessing your computer.

3. Free training

New software updates mean new features and, in turn, require new skills. VSS comes with the option of two half-day training sessions per year - regardless of whether any new versions are released during the length of your agreement. It means, whether you're looking to refresh your knowledge or learn about the latest tools, you'll have the option to. There are also online training sessions that are delivered in webinar form and give you the chance to find out more info on some of the more important topics such as data exchange with DXF.

4. Free access to knowledge portal

Every VSS agreement comes with a personal portal password. The knowledge portal includes tips and tricks, tutorial movies, the Vectorworks Knowledge Base search engine and much more. More than just training, this gives you access to on-demand resources. Stuck on a specific Vectorworks tool? Chances are you'll find the answer in the portal, whenever you need it!

5. And the rest...

It's not technically all one benefit, but VSS also includes:

- Licence protection, which gives you dongle-free replacement in case you lose or damage your existing one.

- Access to new libraries, textures, plug-ins and templates.

- Discounts on training and services offered by partners.

- Easy account management.

- And the Service Select newsletter...

To find out more about Vectorworks Service Select, get in touch with our CAD experts on 03332 409 204 or drop an email to For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or 'Like' us on Facebook.