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The Big Orange Quiz of the Year

A lot has happened in the last year, from the Royal Wedding to the World Cup (it’s still coming home). Test your memory of all the tech news, hot gossip and bizarre stuff to happen over 2018 with our Big Orange Quiz of the Year!


Becki Crossley

1. Which chip powers the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, released in October?

a. A11 chip

b. A12 chip

c. A13 chip


2. Which team came second in the FIFA World Cup 2018?

a. France

b. Croatia

c. Belgium


3. Which fast food restaurant came under fire in February for closing more than half of its UK outlets after running out of a crucial ingredient?

a. KFC

b. McDonalds

c. Burger King


4. What kind of music did scientists at Australia's Macquarie University Fish Lab find that sharks like?

a. Classical

b. Jazz

c. Country


5. An enormous steer named Knickers was saved from an Australian slaughterhouse due to his size. But how tall is he?

a. 6ft 4in

b. 5ft 11in

c. 7ft 2in


6. Who was the most Googled person in 2018?

a. Roxanne Pallett

b. Ant McPartlin

c. Meghan Markle


7. What date in 2018 was GDPR implemented?

a. 20th May

b. 23rd May

c. 25th May


8. Which news outlet incorrectly described Sir David Attenborough as a ‘naturist’, rather than a ‘naturalist’?

a. Buzzfeed

b. The Huffington Post

c. The i paper


9. A mysterious black sarcophagus was discovered in Alexandria, Egypt, back in July. But what did over 17,000 people sign a petition for?

a. To drink the red water inside the sarcophagus.

b. To leave the sarcophagus sealed, lest it release a curse on the earth.

c. To open the sarcophagus and display the contents in a local museum.


10. What is the Oxford Dictionaries ‘Word of the Year’ for 2018?

a. Gammon

b. Cakeism

c. Toxic


Scroll down for the answers (and no peeking before you've finished)!


How did you do? Let us know by tweeting us @WeAreJigsaw24! If you'd like to get your hands on some new kit for the new year, give our friendly sales team a call on 03332 409 204 or email For all the latest news, events and offers, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.







1. b. A12 chip

2. b. Croatia

3. a. KFC

4. b. Jazz

5. a. 6ft 4in

6. c. Meghan Markle

7. c. 25th May

8. b. HuffPost News

9. a. To drink the red water inside the sarcophagus.

10. c. Toxic

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